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The importance of quality cutlery

Cutlery is the final touch to your table setting but is arguably the first thing that your customers notice. Done well it adds to the ambiance, décor and overall customer experience. Get it wrong and the cutlery can stick out like a mismatched button on a blazer.

With cutlery manufacturing experience dating back to 1853 WMF can provide the perfect pieces you need to accent the food you serve. Houseware International are proud suppliers of all WMF products and can offer you expert guidance on the full range of cutlery available. Whatever your establishment’s architecture and décor, or the cuisine you serve your customers, we have the right cutlery for you.

Hospitality businesses in 135 countries already use WMF products which are designed to be both robust and beautiful. Finishes on offer include highly polished pieces in a number of metallic shades as well as distressed finishes created by stone washing or blasting with glass beads.

Through the years WMF designers have responded to changing trends and suggestions from their customers. This has resulted in a diverse range of products for every type of cuisine on offer, from pizza knives to chopsticks, they even offer specialised utensils such as lobster forks and snail tweezers. No wonder that they sell over 26 million pieces every year

This article can only briefly highlight a small selection of WMF’s huge array of products.  Frank McKenna, who heads up Houseware International has many years’ experience in dealing with WMF and is familiar with the entire range. He is available to offer specialist advice to restaurateurs, hoteliers, bar managers and everybody within the hospitality industry who recognises the importance of creating the right impression with the most beautiful cutlery.

The stone washed treatment means that each piece is unique and eye-catching. Glass bead finishing creates a more delicate finish that is silk-matt to touch. For those who prefer more highly polished cutlery colour options include copper, silver, anthracite, gold and light gold. WMF use a special process to layer the coloured finishes, known as physical vapour deposition (PVD). Originally developed in the jewellery industry this process can be used to apply food safe colour in layers to all the WMF Cramargan models.

If you are unsure which finish or model will best suit your table settings Houseware International can arrange to have a sample provided to you. Frank would be pleased to answer any questions about the vast WMF range. Houseware International’s specialist trade showroom is at 81 Dunboyne Business Park, Old Navan Road, Dunboyne, County Meath, Ireland A86 TF97. Frank can be contacted at 00353 -1-8252860 or at 00353-87-2723058. Website:

As well as beautiful finishes, WMF can provide a variety of shapes and styles. From sophisticated to rustic, Mediterranean to minimalist, they have the perfect cutlery for every setting. No matter what utensil your customers require – from steak knives to caviar spoons, WMF can put the right piece in their hands. Steak knives are available with serrated, non-serrated and double-serrated blades. The wooden handled Rodeo steak knives are dishwasher safe.

For modern or minimalist settings the sleek and unembellished Unic, Telos and Nordic styles may be most fitting. More traditional establishments may prefer the more conventional shapes of the Barock, Mondial or award-winning Milano ranges. All of the collections are designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind. The finished products will look and feel beautiful to your most demanding customers but can also match the demands of the professional hospitality industry.

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