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The Luxury Rooftop Mezemiso Restaurant, London’s Crowne Plaza Hotel

RPW Design is delighted to announce the opening of their most recent project, the Mezemiso Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel of the Albert Embankment.

Located on the 15th floor of the panoramic hotel, Mezemiso’s unique amalgamation of Japanese and Lebanese cuisine is incorporated into RPW Design’s striking design. The restaurant’s spectacular view of the river Thames and the night sky inspired the interiors, providing the space with a sense of place and weaving this into the design details. Even the floor has been created using mosaics and fibre optic lights, creating a stunning mirroring effect of the Thames at night, as viewed directly from the Terrace.

Mezemiso is the perfect fusion of culture, from food to views, incorporating an elegant palette of blues and brass, echoing London as twilight transitions into the night. Due to the restaurant’s panoramic location, RPW Design was presented with a small space to transform into a stylish cigar and shisha terrace where guests could enjoy the spectacular views with exclusive cocktails and transformative cuisine.

Under the leadership of Executive Chef Madlene El Saikali, regarded as one of Lebanon’s leading chefs, alongside Head Sushi Chef Victor Klomu, the restaurant brings together two strong cultural identities with their very own lifestyle, beliefs and customs. Although Japan and Lebanon may be regarded as opposites, they are connected by the special attention they give to their land; crops rich in flavour and herbs full of aromas.

RPW Design’s delicate influence has created a stylish Terrace which can be used comfortably all-year-round with the inclusion of a glass fireplace feature and heaters incorporated into Terrace tables. The fireplace is cleverly designed through the use of glass which allows it to fade into the background when not in use, however when lit it comes to life as a stand-out feature of the terrace. The idea of the dining table being central to the home in both Japanese and Lebanese cultures has been included in RPW Design’s work through the addition of beautiful ‘cosmos’ tables, bringing the exterior into the interior.

These tables create an impressive feature individually whilst also contributing to the theme of the night sky and stars. Created using resin, the handmade tables represent the universe and space, taking Mezemiso’s image to a whole new, cosmic level. The warm importance of community and welcome embedded in these two cultures is showcased through the use of shared dishes served in the centre of each table.

These features, coupled with a glass roof which can be covered and uncovered depending on the weather, mean the terrace can be kept well-lit and dry throughout the year. The blues, marbles and brassy colour schemes create an ethereal atmosphere as guests take in the surrounding views of London and the sky, while feeling comfortable in the knowledge they are protected from the changeable weather.

Elizabeth Lane’s following statement highlights RPW’s aims behind the features included in their work with the Crowne Plaza Hotel:

‘In our designs, we drew both on the beauty of the London landscape and features of the cosmos, combining the stars and sky with the River Thames. The view of London from the Terrace aided us in our drafting of ideas, leading to the handmade resin tables and Thames mosaic on the floor. The themes chosen by the hotel led us perfectly to the beauty of the stars and flowing rivers, highlighting the nature inherent in the restaurant’s menus.’