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The power of light- Four ways to increase the impact of your lighting

Mention ‘increased sales or customer retention’ and the hospitality industry is brimming with ideas. But mention ‘lighting’ and some may go silent. There’s a reason why people use terms such as cosy, intimate or relaxing when it comes to their favourite restaurant, bar or hotel. That reason is often due to the clever use of lighting. It’s one of the oldest and easiest things to change when it comes to ambience, revenue, reducing energy costs and even safety.

So how you can make lighting work more effectively for you?

With over 20 years’ experience of supporting hotels and the hospitality industry with their lighting needs, The Light Solution helps customers understand the importance of the four elements of lighting. Hotels use lighting for many different applications and purposes:


Wherever your customers travel within your hotel, they should be met with good lighting. Within your hotel there will be many multi-functional areas, where the ambience was easy to maintain using traditional lighting products. However, with the advent of LED, we can now mirror the colour change of traditional incandescent and halogen lamps, creating brighter breakfast or conference areas, whilst offering dimming options to create an evening ambience. All of this can be achieved with greater performance and reduced energy consumption.


Converting to the right energy saving product can save between 40% to 70% on energy consumption – enabling you to feel good about your green credentials and £ savings. What’s more, if you select the right products for each area, then you can achieve these savings without compromising guest expectations or experience.

The use of controls in selected areas can offer additional savings and flexibility with LED, from instant start technology through to corridor occupancy sensors.


If you have an area within your hotel that you wish to highlight, then lighting can help you achieve this. This might be to reinforce your brand colours, reveal an architectural feature or simply draw attention to an area that you want your customers to visit.

This effect can be created by statement fittings, multi-use pendants or with colour, but conversely using the wrong products can actually stop your guest from staying, limiting spend and and reducing the likelihood of return visits.


Lighting safety in hotels can be interpreted in two ways: as emergency lighting required by law, and safe lighting for the effective undertaking of tasks by employees or customers. Safe lighting is the provision of adequate lighting levels to ensure that tasks are completed safely, with minimum lux levels at table height or floor level. Make the most of your hotel lighting by using the right colour and lumen output for the functionality of the area. However, don’t forget back of house areas such as the kitchen or steep cellar steps.

The Light Solution has a vast experience in supplying and supporting the hospitality industry with their lighting needs. With over 20 years of knowledge and an excellent range of products, we help customers on all budgets make the most of their lighting.

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