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NEW – Full Range of PVD Finishes now available on Towel Rails allowing seamless coordination with other bathroom brassware

Achieving a harmonious match between heated towel rails and other brassware in a bathroom has posed a challenge for Interior Designers, until now. We are delighted to reveal that Margaroli has successfully resolved this issue by introducing an extensive collection of PVD finishes to match the colour charts of the most famous luxury bathroom brassware companies.

For Interior Designers and Specifiers working on luxury bathroom projects, attention to detail is a hallmark of superior interior design. By ensuring that all brassware components coordinate, designers demonstrate their commitment to creating a thoughtfully curated and carefully executed design.

Until now, this has proved a problem when trying to match brassware used for taps and shower heads with that of heated towel rails.  The Margaroli Collection available from The Radiator Centre has now solved this problem, introducing a full range of PVD finishes on their towel warmers, matching the colour charts of most famous brassware companies including Axor, Dornbracht, Gessi, and Fantini.

From warm bronze and pale gold to dark brass and black metal, it’s now possible for the towel rail to match perfectly with all other bathroom fixtures and fittings made from brass, including faucets, showerheads, soap dispensers and other hardware. Matching brassware creates a sense of visual harmony and cohesiveness within the bathroom space, helping to tie together different elements which results in a more polished and well-thought-out design.  In commercial settings like hotels or upscale establishments, consistent brassware can also contribute to establishing and reinforcing a brand’s identity by adding to the perceived quality and sophistication of the space.

Nick Duggan, MD at The Radiator Centre comments,

“From our experience in working with Interior Designers we appreciate how hard they work to create a specific design concept or theme for a space. Matching brassware contributes to this vision by enhancing the overall atmosphere and mood of the bathroom, so it’s fantastic that we can now offer such a wide range of finishes to tie all the elements together.  The Margaroli Collection of towel rails features simple, elegant lines tailored to cater to both ultra-modern and classically traditional bathroom aesthetics. As I’ve seen from the projects we’ve been involved on, attention to detail is vital in interior design and by ensuring that all brassware components match, designers can transform a space into a functional and visually appealing environment.”