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The top five trends in outdoor weddings and events for spring/summer 2019

For spring/summer 2019

More than ever, Brits are seeking creative ways to take their celebrations outdoors. The extended summer of 2018, teamed with Royal Wedding fever, brought about new trends and inspirations for using the great outdoors as a versatile and customisable venue – a blank canvas that can be dressed to suit any style or scale of event.

As market leaders for over 20 years in creating quintessential British tents, marquees and entertainment structures, LPM Bohemia are at the forefront of these burgeoning trends; from the extravagant parties of so-called super-hosts, to bespoke weddings, both grand and intimate. “Today’s more discerning clients require tented structures that speak the same language as their gardens and outdoor spaces; they see huge merit in bespoke structures that complement their houses with architectural and sculptural excellence, and represent their philosophy and lifestyle”, says the company’s director, Graham Cresswell.

As the warmer weather approaches and wedding season gets underway, LPM Bohemia reveal the five biggest trends and influences shaping outdoor weddings and events this year:

1 – Celebrating British Craftsmanship

“Milestone events and weddings in particular, are often a celebration of heritage and traditions – both old and new – and as a nation we’re shifting our focus towards local, home-grown businesses to help capture that essence. There’s a wealth of innovative makers and producers across the country, and this celebration of British craftsmanship is transcending the chosen venue to the native flowers that dress it and the seasonal menu served on the day. Our British made tent designs are steeped in history and represent the revival of a lost art with a timeless aesthetic. We’re seeing a growing trend towards highly decorated, wooden-framed structures reminiscent of period ages, complemented by modern interiors.”

2 – Introducing the Canvas Palladio

“Palladianism is having a revival; so much so that it has inspired an exquisite new structure for 2019. Designed for intimate receptions, the Palladio tent offers a luxurious extension that merges the outdoors within, seamlessly dovetailing onto a period property. Based on Andrea Palladio’s architectural symmetry, proportion and codification of the Classical Orders, the design reworks this formula whilst capturing the essence of a luxurious Orangery. The particularly tall design accommodates the classic proportions of the Venetian window, allowing an abundance of natural light into the airy space, ready to be dressed with specimen palms and bespoke silk screen murals.”

3 – Bringing the Outdoors in

“Whether using a marquee as an extension of a property or a standalone structure, it’s important that it blends seamlessly into its surroundings and complements the landscape – and bringing the outdoors in is a great way to achieve this. Just as we try to create tranquil green spaces in the home with houseplants and earthy tones, wedding and events spaces are following suit. We’re experiencing huge demand for wooden-framed, natural canvas structures that feature wooden flooring and botanical-print cotton linings. Greenery is also being used in new and creative ways outside of the traditional table setting; from dressing the tent beams with leafy foliage, to incorporating beautiful displays of plants and trees as the centrepiece or entranceway to the marquee.”

4 – Every Tent has its Lining

“Not to be underestimated, the decorative linings of a tent or marquee can significantly influence the overall look and feel of the interior space, together with the broader display of props, furnishings and decorations. Depending on the choice of structure, linings can often be customised for both the borders and the roof, offering greater opportunity to experiment with styles and colour schemes. Trending designs for 2019 include a fabulous array of delicate botanical artwork as well as crustacea and vintage vegetable prints. Classical and floral styles inspired by Edwardian wallpapers and of ancient mogul drawings are also increasingly popular. Our linings are designed in-house and produced by screen and block printers in Jaipur, using only natural pigments and cloths.”

5 – The Art Deco Dancehall Revival

“With the imminent centenary of the roaring ‘20s – an iconic era renowned for its opulent parties – we’re looking towards a celebration of renewed confidence and optimism towards the next decade. The new-age ‘super-hosts’ are taking their events to unexpected levels, starting with a lavishly decorated dining hall tent. The sheer magnificence of a huge candle-lit dining tent, historically inspired and intricately designed, with a single long table for 100 guests seated down the centre, immediately provides the wow-factor. Expect to see gold-tipped interiors, tent linings in rich colour combinations, decadent chandeliers and packed, lively dancefloors as this art deco luxe trend evolves.”

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Photo Credits: Marianne Taylor