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treevitaliselogoUtilising age-old wisdom and simplicity, we have created TreeVitalise – a range of wonderfully refreshing organic birch wates. Undiluted, unsweetened and naturally delicious, they contain 75% less sugars than coconut water, resulting in just 10 kcal per a single serve bottle.

treevitalise1To create our natural infusions, we simply infuse the sap with organic dried mint or fresh lemons, adding a little extra to the taste, and retaining the delicate, silky and refreshing palate of birch sap across the range.

Hand harvested in the footsteps of the Carpathian Mountains, birch sap has been known for generations as a good-for-you drink that stimulates the body’s purifying and cleansing systems. treevitalise2Its journey starts in early spring, when the pristine woodland snows begin to melt preparing the tree to come back to life. Drawing up the new liquid form the soil, the tree cats as a natural filter enriching the sap with nutrients essential for the new year’s growth. Without any harm to the tree, tapping directly form it results in a perfectly clear freshly sweet drink full of nature’s own goodness, which we bring to you to enjoy.

Best enjoyed nicely chilled on its own or as a light and refreshing base to cocktails. Perfect with light meals as a pleasant and healthier alternative to other soft beverages. Check our 250ml range for tree-mendous addition to a hotel mini-bar!

Please come to visit our stand 13 at Independent Hotel show, 18-19 October, Olympia West