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Trendy shower channel family adds highlights with a range of colours

Metal shades are the new trend colours in modern bathrooms. The sanitary ware manufacturer Dallmer has responded to this trend, and supplies its designer shower channels for level-access showers in the colours red-gold, anthracite and brass. Whether CeraFloor, CeraWall, Zentrix or CeraNiveau – all variants of the designer shower channels up to a length of 1200 mm can be finished with the matte PVD coating. This means that the colour of the shower channel can be selected based

on personal taste and preference to match the flooring, blend in with it, or provide a strong contrast. In combination with the DallFlex drain body, this guarantees maximum flexibility for both, visual  appearance and positioning in the shower.

A shower channel for every installation

Individuality in bathrooms is in greater demand than ever before. With its seven different designer shower channels, Dallmer has established a remarkable product portfolio that offers an enormous choice of colours, shapes and options for shower channel positioning.

CeraFloor Select is a 6 mm strong shower channel made from stainless steel with milled camber. It is suitable for floor-level installations. In the classical matte or polished stainless steel version, as well as the colours red-gold, anthracite and brass, it creates exciting highlights in sophisticated bathrooms.

CeraWall Select is the most succinct design shower channel. It places a clear emphasis in level-access showers. The new colours facilitate an even stronger focus on the aesthetic drain.

The short shower channels CeraNiveau and Zentrix are impressive with their rectangular covers which are usually positioned in the centre of the shower base. The short channels are equally available in both the matte and polished stainless steel look, as well as the new red-gold, anthracite and brass colours.

The coloured PVD coating adds an attractive optical touch while also enhancing resistance. Thanks to the removable odour trap, all shower channels are extremely easy and quick to clean.

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