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What are your guests sipping when they are not drinking?

For those who are choosing to stay sober, dry January can still be a time of new flavours and experiences!  Kolibri Drinks are new non-alcoholic drinks which allow your guests to abstain in style.  With 1 in 5 people in the UK considering themselves as teetotal and over 3 million expecting to participate in dry January 2019, it is time to ensure that everyone has a drink of their choice.  Guests are crying out for drinks that are more sophisticated and premium and which give them an experience too.   They may want to reduce alcohol and calories but they certainly do not want to forgo taste!

With distinctive botanical notes and sweetness adjusted to preference, Kolibri is a  bespoke drink which is an exquisite partner to any occasion. Have it dry or with a dash of sweetness. It’s always an individual choice.

Unlike other non-alcoholic drinks, the sweetness can be tailored to taste using the nectar in the cap.  With no artificial sweeteners, the blend contains Agave which is 1.5x sweeter than granulated sugar.  Only a touch is needed to add sweetness and with each drop, the botanicals in the sparkling drink are developed and enhanced.  Even if the whole cap is used, there is no more than 40kcal per bottle. This is truly indulgence with a clear conscience!

The creator of Kolibri Drinks, Kamila Sitwell explains, Modern customers want it all – healthy, great tasting and indulgent drinks – all at the same time! They also want an experience, ritual and theatre in this area too! The craft of making bespoke and artisan coffee, de-canting wine with elaborate tasting, or the artistry involved in cocktail making are hugely satisfying for guests and therefore worth paying premium for.  Multisensory drinking experiences are expected in every category now, with or without alcohol. With the decline in the alcohol consumption accelerating, those in hospitality must offer alcohol-free drinks which will delight their guests and are on a par with their alcoholic creations .”

Kolibri Drinks are available in three distinctive and delicious flavours to complement any meal, or to sip and savour on its own: Strawberry & Basil, Cardamom & Chilli,  Elderflower & Lime  (all 300ml with 15ml nectar in cap)

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