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Why aren’t more hospitality businesses offering mobile ordering?

Wi-Q Technologies, in partnership with The Caterer, have recently published their own survey, exploring how many hospitality providers offer mobile ordering, how many have it on the road map, and if neither, why? Interestingly the headline statistic published by The Caterer was that 80% of hospitality businesses surveyed do not offer mobile ordering. In comparison to a wide band of research and literature demonstrating the consumer demand for the convenience and personalised service that mobile ordering offers, there appears to be a lag between supply and demand.

To explore these relationships and the survey results further, Wi-Q Technologies have since published a report on mobile ordering. The report digs deeper into the causes of this demand-supply lag; exploring what consumers and hospitality providers want from the technology, the shortfalls of the industry’s current ‘go-to’ solution and the emerging industry transition to cloud technology.

The report draws on millennial consumer research from Oracle Hospitality as well as research from other industry leaders and technology experts. It then expands on the barriers preventing adoption – as highlighted by the survey participants – and how they can be negated. Finally the report discusses the emerging industry transition from native applications to cloud-based applications, and how such services will help hospitality businesses revolutionise the guest experience and boost revenue, without having to invest heavily in custom app development or hardware.

Do you want to get ahead in hospitality? To obtain your free copy of the report, visit Wi-Q Technologies.