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Blue Orchid Hotels breaks into the movies as the title sponsor for UK and Europe’s largest film festival

The London Indian Film Festival returns in June

The London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) is proud to announce Blue Orchid Hotels as its title sponsor when it returns to UK cinemas this summer. A private collection of luxury independent hotels located in the heart of London, Blue Orchid Hotels is supporting the festival in its celebration of South Asian independent cinema.

Spanning 11 days from 23rd June – 3rd July, LIFF will be screened in various cinemas across London as well as regionally in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

“We are delighted to announce Blue Orchid Hotels as our title sponsor for our 2022 festival,” says Cary Rajinder Sawhney, LIFF festival director. “We thank Blue Orchid Hotels for its generous support. Its owner Tony Matharu has not only been our most dynamic patron but in fact our first sponsor, back in 2010, so it’s very special to see this relationship growing as the festival expands year on year. We look forward to working together on this year’s four city festival.”

The partnership with Blue Orchid Hotels, with its excellent locations, exceptional standards and commitment to making a difference within communities, positively demonstrates the support of the arts by private business. The company also pursues a number of charitable endeavours, including raising awareness of child trafficking and women’s rights which are complementary to themes and causes that the festival also platforms.

“I am a firm supporter of the culture and arts sector, and understand the value it brings to our unique capital city. The London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) is further distinctive in the diversity of culture, talent and value-driven films that it attracts to the city and I am proud to have been a part of it since its inception. I have witnessed first-hand the growth of the festival into one of the world’s largest and most high profile festivals for South Asian films, showcasing rich and exceptional talent, drawing attention and critical acclaim to filmmakers and the diverse range and depth of their films. You will always see insightful and thought-provoking films at LIFF, which is a wonderful addition to the vibrancy of London’s cultural and arts offering.

The hard work of the LIFF team is more important than ever as it contributes to the essential agenda of welcoming people back to London, of which Blue Orchid Hotels is an advocate. We must continue to ensure the rich tapestry of life is embedded within London, it remains as a global player and the best city to visit, work, invest and live in,” said Tony Matharu, a Patron of the London Indian Film Festival, Chairman of Blue Orchid Hotels and Integrity International Trust and Founding Board Member of the Central London Alliance (C.I.C)

Over 11 days from 23rd June – 3rd July, LIFF runs in cinema venues across London as well as regionally in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, as well as online on