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Bristol hoteliers serve up treat for college catering students

Hoteliers in Bristol have served up a treat for college catering students in the form of a top-of-the-range Thermomix and fine dining plates.

The catering department at City of Bristol College was presented with the equipment, worth a total of around £2,500, to enhance the experience of its students at the kitchen of its College Green Centre.

The donation was made by the Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA) as part of its aim to strengthen ties with the college, which is training and encouraging the next generation of hotel, restaurant and café chefs.

The Thermomix is a cooker, blender, food processor, mixer for baking and so much more, all in one. It can chop, blend, steam, cook, stir, whisk, mill, weigh, mince and saute.

BHA Chair Raphael Herzog and treasurer Greg Csikos recently visited the college to hand over the equipment and to also answer questions from students about what it is like to work in the hospitality sector.

Mr Herzog said: “We wanted to support the college because it is promoting our exciting industry to the next generation and is helping to create the future leaders for the hospitality sector.”

Ryan Fernandes, Catering Lecturer, said the Thermomix had been on their wish list for a long time and, together with the plates, will elevate the dining experience in the City Restaurant.

He said: “It really will do justice for my dinners now. We are extremely grateful to the Bristol Hoteliers Association for their generous donation and we are excited to see what indulgent dishes and culinary creations our students can come up with using the top of the range Thermomix.”

Mr Herzog gave some valuable advice to students during his visit, including: “Try to see as much as you can and don’t get stuck in one way; that’s the beauty of working in hotels, because you see so many different things, from a wedding to a large banquet to fine dining.

“Exposure to such a wide variety of experiences allows you to build your experience and learn about the finest aspect of food, which allows you to find your own way.”

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