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British bath manufacturer Cabuchon Bathforms has announced the launch of its new Futari two-person deep soaking tub.

The Futari is the company’s second soaking tub for shared bathing. It was developed in response to the popularity of its original two-seat model, the Xanadu. The most distinctive feature of the new Futari is the seating position; it incorporates two clearly defined seats with sculpted back rests, and bathers sit at opposite ends, slightly offset.

The internal depth between the seat and overflow measures 470mm (18½”), while the depth to the footwell is 565mm (22¼”). As in any true deep soaking tub, users adopt an upright, seated posture. Depth is important because deeper water tends to buoy up the bather, thereby promoting a sense of weightlessness and comfort. The upright posture helps to take strain off the neck and shoulders.

The Futari therefore offers the comfort and other benefits of a single-seat soaking tub, and makes the best use of a relatively compact footprint. With external dimensions of 1600 x 1150mm (63” x 45¼”), the Futari is suitable for use in most bathrooms, and will pass through a standard door of 737mm (29”).

“The Futari is built to what we’d regard as the ‘classic’ deep soaking tub design,” explains Cabuchon marketing manager, Jordan Petts. “By that, I mean it is compact and the bather sits in a relatively upright position. It has a sculpted backrest and enough room on the raised seat to slide backwards or forwards so as to vary the effective depth of the water. It’s the result of extensive testing and we regard it as one of the most comfortable baths we’ve ever made.”

The Futari is designed primarily as a built-in bath. It can be set into a raised deck or a tiled surround, and it may be installed either as a drop-in bath (with the rim visible) or undermounted (with the rim set below the deck.) Optionally, Cabuchon can also supply bespoke panels that cover anything from one to four sides.

The company first coined the phrase ‘deep soaking tub’ to describe its Imersa bath, which it launched in 1991. The bath took its inspiration from the Japanese ofuro, but Cabuchon added an integral seat and manufactured it using Ficore® – its own, specially developed composite. In the years that followed, Cabuchon has launched a further six deep soaking tubs, of which the Futari is the latest. All are handmade in Britain using Ficore®.

Cabuchon can produce Ficore® in any colour. Within its standard pricing, Cabuchon will match most other sanitaryware manufacturers’ published colours. For an extra fee, special colours can also be produced – to match, for example, the base colour of a stone, tile or fabric.

Ficore® is more rigid than any non-metal or non-stone bath, and it exhibits superior heat retention. In independent tests, it has been shown to keep water hot more than six times longer than acrylic and more than twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal.

The Futari is backed by a 25-year guarantee and, like all of Cabuchon’s deep soaking tubs, it may be purchased with an optional hydrotherapy system, tailored to the size and preferences of the user.

More information about the Futari, including a technical specification sheet, can be found on the company’s website – – or by calling 01524 66022.