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Pack, Protect and Store with Caterbox

Caterbox specialises in the manufacture and supply of purpose-built storage boxes, box dividers and dishwasher wash racks. With over 28 years of experience, Caterbox is a one stop shop providing competitively priced Pack, Protect, Store, Wash & Transport’ solutions to a fast moving and highly demanding catering industry.

Examples of our products

Glass Washer Tray

These durable glass washer trays (R500) with wide mesh have been designed to ensure effective water circulation over and around its contents, significantly improving washing results.  The sides are designed to be high enough to keep all items safely inside the rack during the wash cycle. Available in both 500x500mm and 400x400mm sizes.

Dishwasher Racks

Caterbox’s superior and extensive 500 x 500mm Dishwasher Rack Range caters to both glassware and chinaware. The Fries Rack System dynamic arrangement lends itself to washing, drying, storing and transporting, with little or no need for handling the glassware. The specific needs of the restaurant, hotel and catering industry, and of dishwasher manufacturers, have been key factors in the development of these Racks. Its advantages, much like your glasses and china, really do stack up. Whilst being very easy to stack and handle, storage space is maximised, manual activity is reduced, breakages decline and because of their unique open design, hot water and drying air can super-efficiently circulate, giving you clean, crystal clear glasses every time. Its dividers are made from a specially injected polypropylene, meaning each compartment provides a secure hold and protective fit for any size glass. What’s more, the different compartments are in clearly distinguishable colours for quick recognition.

Glass Washer Sets

Thanks to a range of optional and removable inserts, you can rearrange the internal configuration of the Glasswasher Trey as often as you wish to meet your various ware washing needs, making this the ideal unit for pubs, bars, cafes & restaurants. Available in both 500x500mm and 400x400mm sizes.

The glass inserts are designed to safely hold glasses in a reclined position. This helps to reduce breakages, improves water flow & what more due to the angle of the glass relax, any residue water will be removed off the base, leaving you with flawless results on all your glassware.

Dishwasher Plate Racks

These fantastic, durable and stackable Dishwasher Plate Rack are perfect for washing plates and trays. The double walled design and ribbed base makes them ideal for heavy duty use. Less than half the weight of wire racks, they won’t scratch work surfaces or corrode and are quiet in use. The mint green rack holds 18 dinner plates or 12 soup plates. The design of the rack holds both plate styles by rotating 90′. Also, available in the Tableware Racks 500 x 500mm range, Cutlery Rack (CTRB) & Cup Rack(CR500).

China & Glassware Storage Boxes

An extensive range of Storage Boxes for China & Glassware available in a large variety of heights. The box dividers are made inhouse with every combination available as standard. We have the largest divider combinations in the UK so essentially every ordered is custom made, based on the dimensions of your item there is no wasted internal space maximising the box capacity. Our Storage Containers are also the ideal solution to overcrowded cabinets. Available is a variety of styles and materials including Correx Boxes, Ventilated Crates and Solid Boxes. Pack, Protect & Store with Caterbox’s comprehensive range of China and Glassware storage solutions.

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