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Replacing EU hospitality workers after Brexit ‘will take 10 years’

British Hospitality Association says hotels and restaurants could go bust unless ministers allow staff from EU countries to remain in jobs.

The shortage of British workers in UK hotels and restaurants is so severe that some chains will need 10 years to replace EU staff after Brexit, the British Hospitality Association has warned.

The BHA predicted that hotels and restaurants would go bust unless ministers allowed EU migrants to continue to work in low-skilled jobs after the UK leaves the bloc.

House of Lords committee told firms will struggle to attract enough staff if it cannot recruit EU nationals after Brexit.

It is going to be very, very tough indeed,” says Ufi Ibrahim, the BHA’s chair. “It will be a very long time for businesses to replace EU staff because they are largely based in the south-east,” she added. “I think it will take 10 years to build a future talent pipeline.”