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Yuval Ben Neriah opens Ya-Pan Bistro influenced by Japanese street food

Renowned Israeli chef Yuval Ben Neriah, the mastermind behind award winning restaurant Taizu, presents Ya-Pan, a local Tel Aviv bistro that offers an informal Japanese dining concept, inspired by Izakaya, contemporary, casual Japanese after work restaurants. Ya-Pan infuses the Japanese approach with the western bistro typology reflected both in food and design.

The intimate restaurant, seating just 70 diners, is designed by Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects and Pitsou Kedem Architects. The long central bar captures the entire internal space and enables a dynamic social hub, merging with an outdoor seating area. The design concept fuses between the Japanese Izakaya and Western bistro highlighting the values of approachability and informality.

The tall narrow bar area features a colourful tin netting lighting installation directly above, which, mixed with light from the street, radiate a vivid setting inspired by Japan’s kite festivals. Small circular mirrors spread around the walls are reminiscent of the bistro mirrors, producing a visual quiet and reflect different perspectives with each new viewpoint. Ya-Pan’s overall food concept is a result of Ben Neriah’s year-long research including two culinary journeys to Japan with Chef Eylon Farber, which explored in depth the street food culture.

Ben Neriah does not compromise the original Izakaya ingredients and cooking techniques using traditional methods with a contemporary twist. The menu is based on the nose to tail method, using every part of the meat and fish.At Ya-Pan one can find DIY sushi along with a Japanese take on hamburger and chips, as well as a selection of curries including Katsu. The bistro staple of bread and butter is served with a special Ben Neriah twist of added Nori. “With the recent opening of Ya-Pan, I wanted to take the Asian culinary experience one step further and incorporate Japanese street food into the Tel Aviv gastronomic scene. A unique reflection of the different flavours of Asia and an attentive study on Japanese street food’s tradition and techniques, Ya-Pan blends creative and colourful design with a core focus on sophisticated informality and a curated menu that sheds further light on Japanese street food’s multi-faceted, rich varieties.”