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Choose Silk Lighting for Timeless Elegance

Silk has been seen as a luxurious fabric for centuries and adding a silk light to a room instantly adds a touch of romance and opulence. Gong’s Silk Lighting Collection offers a stunning choice of statement pendants that are sure to delight and intrigue, whilst also standing the test of time.

There is no doubt that lighting can make or break an interior scheme, something that Jo Plismy, founder of Gong, is passionate about.  She comments, “Lighting changes the mood, sets the ambience and can help define spaces. It is an important decision and its impact should not be underestimated. Besides the shape and size of the lamp, consider the warmth of the light and how the light is diffused through the room.  I love the use of fabric with lighting to achieve a romantic and tranquil atmosphere and silk is particularly timeless, creating a beautiful soft light.”



Shown above: Arche Ceiling Light, Interior Design:

Photographer – Anna Stathaki

Jo takes a great deal of inspiration for her designs from the natural world and in particular the ocean.  The bold Benitier Pendant shown below features an open top with a woven detailed holder.  Its beautiful lines and bulbous shape are reminiscent of a sea urchin shell, perfect for bringing elements of nature inside.  Benitier is available in white, latte or grey and comes in a choice of two impressive sizes; 70 cm or 90 cm in diameter.

Benitier in Maison Simba, Bali –

For those looking for something slighting smaller, the Lotus or Lea, pictured below, are both beautiful silk pendants that would make an elegant addition to both modern and traditional style interiors.  These form part of Gongs exotic flower-inspired collection, giving a nod to the wonders of the orient.


left to right: Lea Silk Ceiling Light, Lotus Silk Ceiling Light





For a splash of Summery colour, the AL36 Silk Lamp comes in a great range of gorgeous colours including the eye-catching green and pink shown below.  Made from Taffeta Silk, each lamp features bold black piping which really highlights the shape.  As with the Benitier the woven detail on the top adds an extra element of texture and interest, with the design neatly finished with a classic brass knob underneath.

Shown Above: AL36 Silk Lamp in Blue 80cm

Jo advises her customers,

“What a lot of people don’t realise is how much the colour of the silk changes, depending on whether the light is switched on or off, which can create a completely different feel in the room.  The impact of the type of bulb used, whether it is cold or warm for example, also has a great effect on the atmosphere created. A warm bulb will give off a deep, comforting hue whereas a cooler bulb will give more of a utilitarian feel, so think about the mood you are aiming for.”







Shown above: Meduse Silk Lamps shown in the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.

Last but definitely not least, we take a look at the simply awe-inspiring Meduse. This majestic design features an abundance of luxurious flowing silk, setting a romantic scene wherever it is hung.  Perhaps surprisingly, the design was actually inspired by a simple mosquito net which Jo used during a trip to the island of Sumatra.

Jo comments,

“My inspiration comes from so many sources, whether it is a piece from the 1950s or from a forgotten past that I can reinvent to give it a new life, whether it is the nature that surrounds us with all its organic shapes, or perhaps an everyday object whose form I think I can transform to make a great light.”