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Radiator Solutions for Corners and Awkward Spaces

A lack of wall space doesn’t have to mean missing out on a stylish designer radiator.  The latest designs from The Radiator Centre offer innovative solutions for even the most challenging rooms

Clever Corner Solutions

The Radiator Centre’s corner radiators are the ideal solution for those who want the look of a designer radiator but are seriously lacking in wall space.  Perfect for small rooms or awkward spaces, these sleek designs look stylish whilst taking up very little space.  The Iguana Circo, pictured below, was originally inspired by a child’s circular drawing of the sun and features slim, triangular pipes which are gently rounded to fit into a corner or recess.  Providing an economical and powerful heat source, the Iguana has been designed in heights 1250 -1500mm which means it will also fit in the often dead space over a bath.

Shown above: Iguana Circo Corner

For something that takes up even less space, look no further than the unique Incorner design, as seen below. Available in centrally heated, electric or dual fuel options, the Incorner is a fantastic space-saving solution and makes a practical towel rail for a small bathroom.  It comes in a wide choice of dimensions so customers can find the perfect size for their space, not to mention the huge array of colours available, to either make a statement or coordinate with any interior scheme.

Shown Above: Terma Incorner Towel Radiator

Of course, corners are not the only way to make the most of every inch of space. A little thinking outside of the box and we have the Outcorner, perfect for rooms with columns or awkward walls that jut out.  The innovative Outcorner stylishly highlights such features by wrapping neatly around them.

Shown above: Terma Outcorner Towel Radiator

All About Curves

Curves are great for softening the look of an interior scheme and flowing curves and soft arches are especially on trend for 2023.  Curved radiator designs such as the Half-Round and Quarter-round designs, shown below, have a timeless look and make an attractive feature in any room.  Taking up less wall space than standard designs, they are another great option for where wall space is lacking.

Shown above: Zana Half-Round

Go bold with Colour

Besides being great for awkward spaces and smaller rooms, customers can also have some fun and make a statement with their curved radiators, as many come in a huge choice of contemporary colours.  The Carre Half-Round pictured below in red, features straight, square tubes with minimum spacing in-between which allows the colour to really stand out, whilst also giving a sleek modern finish.  Triga, seen below in soft pink and forest green, is a slim, efficient and stylish decorative radiator available in a huge 250 colour options.  This neat semi-circular design means the width of the radiator is only 28cm, making it ideal for even the tightest of spaces.

Shown above: Carre Half-Round


Whatever your space or room shape, The Radiator Centre have a great choice of stylish designer models to not only heat your space but make an attractive interior feature too.