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Customer Service Feedback – getWaiter! serves you the Breakfast of Champions

Collecting feedback from luxury guests is fiendishly difficult. Achieving their expectations when the battle for the market position is constantly under the spotlight of social media and other pressures is not an issue that can be swept under the carpet.

What exactly is keeping business owners up at night?

Our recent research has shown that there are at least 5 commonly shared challenges within the Hospitality Industry. Although the level of importance placed on each of those challenges will vary from business to business, it’s important to recognize that they are all undoubtedly correlated.

TOP 5 Challenges within the Hospitality Industry 2016:

  • Staff Retention
  • Market Share
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer Experience
  • Feedback Management

Each table serving business will face a number of individual issues which although may appear as mere service hiccups can in fact become an expanding pool of permanent problems. One’s survival and success depends on the right sort of feedback information, and the ability to manage it in a timely manner.

So how can getWaiter! help us conquer the challenges that stand in our way to the long-term success?

getWaiter! The customer service tracking tool.


getWaiter! is an innovative solution to track luxury customer service.  A cloud based system allowing your guests to elegantly and discreetly call the waiter when they want more drinks, have a problem or simply want to get the bill.  A tool designed to help businesses stay proactive by providing a live barometer of customer experience, enabling your managers to measure, control and respond to even the smallest performance service dips.

Armed with this tool you will capture competitive advantage.  The accurate analytical data collected will enable you to highlight service bottlenecks by identifying and evaluating improvements, therefore continuously driving operational excellence.

Why has operational insight become so important?

It is no longer sufficient to assess the business’s performance by its sales figures, profitability or an occasional mystery shop alone. That’s why getWaiter! focuses on continuous customer service tracking, providing powerful analytics allowing you to fine tune your current business model. You can manage processes and procedures or implement minor changes which can substantially improve your profitability and reputation.

The best part about our app; is that it provides managers with real live data so that even the smallest performance dips can be spotted and dealt with straight away.

getWaiter! is looking to work with business’s who are ready to raise standards, raise customer satisfaction and follow a new path to greater success.

Let’s have you set up and running in no time.

getWaiter! is a cloud based solution so there is little if any IT integration required to deploy it in your chosen location. That means that you can be up and running in a matter of minutes with a simple Wi-Fi enabled tablet or an iPad to access the waiter station app and a few QR codes for the customers to scan at their table.

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