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Desi Daru: The Ultra-Premium Vodka Brand Celebrating the Best of India and Britain Officially Launches

Desi Daru, an ultra-premium vodka brand that celebrates the best of both India and Britain, is set to make waves with its official launch. Owned by British-born Indians Mohit and Aneet Singh, Desi Daru takes pride in using the highest quality ingredients from the jungles of Maharashtra to the lush English countryside.

Desi Daru is more than just a vodka brand. It embodies a meeting of two worlds, a marriage between East and West – a combination of the spiritual and the spirited, for a spirit like no other. With the creamy tones of English wheat and the smooth texture of the natural mineral water, this is a vodka that straddles a unique line between boldness and subtlety, creating a memorable drinking experience that is as rich as it is clean.

The brand’s Alphonso Mango-flavoured vodka has already been making waves in the drinks world. It impressed the judges of the World Drink Awards so much that it claimed the top spot in the UK Flavoured Vodka category and then competed against the best from each country to win the coveted title of World’s Best Flavoured Vodka. Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, are prized for their superior sweetness and indulgent quality. Referred to as the King of Mangoes in India, this succulent fruit is the sun-yellow jewel in the crown of Desi Daru’s flavoured vodka, offering an unrivalled taste of the tropical.

Desi Daru Original, the brand’s flagship product, is distilled using English winter wheat and the purest mineral water. This beautifully velvety vodka combines the richness of English winter wheat with the simple yet intense purity of natural mineral water. Distilled seven times, it offers an exceptional smoothness that is perfect for sipping as well as providing the perfect foundation for bold and memorable cocktails.

Desi Daru co-founder, Mohit Singh, reflects on the journey to the official launch of the brand’s ultra-premium vodka:

“As British-born Indians, my co-founder Aneet and I wanted to create a vodka that celebrated the best of both worlds. We wanted to create something truly special that would showcase the highest quality ingredients from India’s Ratnagiri to the lush English countryside. The journey has been a labour of love, and we are thrilled to finally share Desi Daru with the world. The purity of the water and the indulgent quality of the Alphonso mangoes we use, distilled rather than infused, creates a full and smooth flavour. We believe Desi Daru is a reflection of us, and we are proud to share our heritage with the world through this unique spirit.”

The brand has already made a mark on some of the UK’s top bars and restaurants, from Mayfair’s Michelin-starred Benares to Fitzrovia’s Pahli Hill, the glitzy Farzi, trendy Hoppers and the prestigious Coburg Bar at the award-winning Connaught Hotel. The brand has ambitious expansion plans this year, and its unique and unforgettable taste is sure to continue to make waves in the industry.

Desi Daru’s ultra-premium vodka is perfect for any occasion, whether enjoyed neat or used as a key ingredient in a bold and memorable cocktail. Desi Daru is available to buy from Amazon for £35.00 for 70cl.