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Over the course of 30 years, at Design + Contracts Furniture we have developed a reputation that has identified us as a preferred supplier to some of the UK’s most prestigious companies. Our expertise extends beyond supplying high-quality branded furniture to working with our customers to create bespoke design solutions for their business.

Working with top-end furniture manufactures across the world, our product offering includes dining furniture, banquette and comfort seating, outdoor chairs and tables, bar stools and modular seating, which we proudly tailor to meet the individual desires of our customers.

We very rarely supply the same furniture twice and always seek to provide products that reflect a business’s identity and character. To do this, we give our products a finish that is tailored to the exact colours and appearance that match the desired look, whether it is corporate colours or representing a given theme.

Refurbishment and re-upholstery is also a very popular service of ours, as we help business revive their old, much loved furniture and re-create its original design, or develop something new and exciting.

All of our supplied furniture uses high quality materials to ensure optimum performance, reliability and comfort. Our wide variety of fabrics also offers a superior finish so that appearance is maintained throughout the use of the furniture.

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Our extensive knowledge, experience and eye for attractive designs has enabled us to work with companies, businesses and brands across a wide range of industries, including restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, nightclubs and offices. Besides working with new businesses as part of their initial design and installation of furniture, we have many customers with whom we have developed professional and trusting relationships and have continued to work with them on recurring projects, including a number of hospitality chains and growing businesses.

Having worked across so many industries, we have strengthened and expanded our expertise to allow us to work efficiently with businesses that approach us whatever their requirements might be. We open our door to companies of any size and background and are fully confident that we have the right knowledge and product offering to provide the right furniture solution for them.

As part of our first-class service, we work closely with in-house design teams, or dedicated interior designers to explore and create the many ways in which furniture can enhance a space. In doing so, we’ve played a key role in the creation of their new interior, with our furniture adding to the look and feel of a room. With such a wide collection of products, we have been able to contribute to the character of the room, using our bespoke services.

Bring the inside out

Outside furniture is a very frequent request, as it can truly help the popularity of a business. We have found that pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and even cafes strive to ensure that their outside areas are equally as attractive, comfortable and inviting as the inside, especially during the summer months. With such a vast product range, we’re sure to have the right item to fit the bill.

A business’s range of outdoor furniture can be anything from simple dining seats and tables, to benches, sofas and low-level tables to offer intimate or communal arrangements. All outdoor furniture which we have to offer is really hard-wearing and low maintenance so that they are not compromised by the occasional windy day or the constant daily use by copious numbers of customers. Because of this, our customers do not need to replace the furniture for the next summer season and can enjoy them for many years to come.

Doing it better

Listening to and understanding our clients’ needs are our first priority, which helps us to provide a solution that is beyond their expectations. We are always delighted to work with customers on any project, whether it is a new furniture installation or refurbishment of existing products, always attending to our customers’ wishes. It is our promise to ensure that every product we supply is of the best standard and ticks every box, from the style of chair right through to the finish on the fabric.

We work hard and tirelessly until we get it right and the customer is 100% happy with their new furniture – there is nothing we want to hear more than the words, ‘we love it!’

We are very proud of the service we offer and are confident in our work. Over the 30 years that Design + Contract Furniture has been established, we have worked with some very prestigious names, including Wentworth Golf Club and the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as many high-end restaurants, bars and cafes.

We understand that each customer will have different budgets and we always promise to deliver products that do not compromise this, whilst still ensuring the highest quality of service in all situations.

“We have worked with Design + Contracts for many years and we have always found them to be extremely reliable and flexible in what they offer. As a brand we have an image that we need to portray across all of our stores and this is something we have been able to achieve through the furniture they have supplied.”

“We are really pleased with the furniture supplied by Design + Contracts and how well it complements the redesign of the bar. The service provided by Design + Contracts has also been of a really high standard and we have since used the company for additional work on the other bars in our chain and we will without a doubt continue to work with them for future projects.”