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Dessert Nougat by Champion & Reeves

Champion & Reeves, are manufacturers of 100% natural premium confectionery, free from gluten, gelatine and palm oil.

Our products are sold in premium retail outlets, including Partridges and Palace shops. We use natural extracts, improving both texture and taste, resulting in a unique, delicious and indulgent experience.

We can still remember the incredible experience on opening the special box, the individually foiled pieces lining the tray with the most valuable of content inside; once know and sold many years ago as Callard & Bowser confectionery…

And to the present time…

Champion & Reeves, are manufacturers of premium confectionery,  our products are 100% natural with no artificial additives or flavorings and are gluten free and palm oil free. Our products are sold throughout the UK Royal houses, including Buckingham Palace. We use natural extracts that not only help to extend the shelf life of our products, but also improve the texture and flavor and complexity of the taste experience.

Our Dessert Nougat contains only the very best ingredients, including Pistachio, Blanched Almonds, and Orange Blossom Honey. The C&R Butterscotch, is probably the only 100% natural Butterscotch being made commercially in the UK today. We use double cream in our Cream Toffee and the most expensive nut in the world, Macadamia. We have several more products that will be launched and added to our portfolio over the coming years.

Our aim is to produce the finest 100% natural confectionery money can buy, and to create a joyous confectionery experience with satisfying, complex taste structure, packaged in premium, silver foiled presentation boxes, lined individually with wrapped pieces of delicious confectionery.

Our packaging is manufactured locally to reduce carbon footprint and to support other regional businesses. We draw on local expertise for our graphic designs, web creation, insurance advice, supporting our business community and UK businesses.