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Enomatic – Wine Serving Systems

Enomatic are the world leaders in wine preservation and dispensing technology, pouring over 40 million glasses of wine every year.

Advanced features and elegant design come together to provide the perfect dispensing systems for either a back bar or self-service setting. Interactive LCD touch screens, dual temperature control, and patented tapping head technology are just a few of the elements that ensure that this product stands out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, hotel, or guest house you can discover the advantages of the Enomatic wine system; as a business owner waste elimination and the ability to provide fine wines by the taste or the glass continue to increase profits – for the consumer, high-quality wines become available by the taste or the glass at affordable prices; a win-win situation.


Second to none.

Advanced features and elegant design come together to provide the perfect dispenser for either a back-bar or self-service setting.  Interactive LCD touch screens, dual temperature control and patented tapping head technology are just a few of the elements that ensure the Elite stands out from the crowd.  Combining the Elite with our full suite of software extends functionality, providing further tools to assist in developing your business.


Simply unique.

The all new Enoround utilises full Elite technology. It incorporates touch screen displays, electric bottle lifting system, gas leak monitor and further
functionalities for self control. The new dual temperature model is ideal to serve both red and white wines.

The Benefits of Enomatic

Wines By The Glass

Studies show that wine-by-the-glass sales increase turnover and are more profitable than bottle sales. enomatic was created to offer  a more premium wines by glass offering thus creating a more profitable business models for restaurants, bars and wine merchants.

Quality Assurance

enomatic’s quality control provides customers with confidence that wines are always fresh and served at their optimum temperatures. With patented preservation technology and automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spout, our systems ensure the highest hygiene and superb wine quality.

Reducing Waste

It is a simple fact that wine that is not consumed oxidizes in the bottle and is wasted, creating unnecessary costs and profit loss for a wine business. enomatic was designed to eliminate waste, reduce overheads and maximize profits.

Wine Preservation

Using state-of-the-art inert gas preservation, enomatic prevents wine from being altered by oxygen and protects its organoleptic integrity (taste, aroma, body, and color) for up to 21 days or more (tested and certified).

Portion Control

Staff over-pouring results in reduced profit margins. enomatic’s precise automatic portion control prevents inventory shrinkage, over pouring, and ensures accurate measures time after time.


enomatic’s advanced electronics and automation increases the speed of service. By simply pressing a button, you can select and serve any wine desired. Your staff’s time is costly; that’s why enomatic was also designed to make their time more efficient – no more wasting time re-corking or vacuuming bottles after each use.

Software functionality allows you to track not only all the wines in your system, but also the use of the system by customers. You can even limit the amount a customer can consume for any given period of time. With card operated systems, enomatic is a virtual sales person and responsible bartender all wrapped up in one!

Weights & Measures / Licensing

Under the Weights & Measures Act 1985 all wine dispensing systems are required to verify the volume poured by the use of marked and lined glassware, or by using a certified measure to verify the volume poured.  For further details please see Weights & Measures Act 1985 document contained on the link found on the website. All licensing requirements and compliance thereof are the responsibility of the Buyer.

For more information please contact us via or on 01603 768046, Opt 2.