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Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division ‘Top Tips when Choosing Bedding’

We spend a lot of time sleeping – on average about 8 hours a day! So it’s important for hoteliers to offer their guests the best possible environment to sleep in. While there can be many unforeseen disruptions to sleeping when guests sleep away from home (noise from other guests for example), the one thing that every hotelier can offer is the most comfortable and luxurious overnight stay with top quality bedding. The experience of a good bed with luxurious bedding is something every guest should enjoy!

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division understands that guests expect a lot from hotels and guest houses when staying away from home which can put a lot of pressure on owners and housekeepers sourcing the best quality products for their rooms, especially when cost efficiencies are to be considered. Furthermore, meeting the high level of expectation from guests can be a challenge for hotels and guesthouses as they seek to balance hygiene and cleanliness with the cost and performance of bedding, especially after regular in-house washing.

In order to achieve exceptional comfort, we would like to share our top tips when sourcing bedding:

To mattress top or not? We would always recommend the use of a mattress topper. By investing in a good mattress topper, it prevents the need for more expensive mattresses and gives the guests an added luxury and comfort which they may not have had with an older or less expensive mattress.

Protecting the Mattress. By using a mattress protector, hoteliers can increase the lifetime of the mattress in a very cost efficient way. Ideally, every new mattress should be used with a protector from the onset. They prevent stains from penetrating down into the mattress and minimise the threat of dust mite allergies forming, by creating a layer between the mattress and the bedding. They also keep the mattress feeling ‘like new’ by absorbing perspiration, without which would necessitate mattress replacement much more frequently. By ensuring that the choice of protector is not only washable, but washable at 60oC, will further allow hoteliers to continue to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Isn’t it just about TOG rating for duvets? Duvets are an obvious necessity but did you know that there are three factors to consider when choosing one? The most common misconception is that duvets are all about the TOG, but there is also the weight and filling to consider! The TOG of the duvet of choice will depend on the ambient room temperatures within the hotel or guest house but it’s also worth noting the time of year too but also the more expensive your duvet, the less weight is typically required for warmth. Equally, your bedding will tend to perform better for a longer period of time.

Synthetic V Natural? While TOG rating and weight are both important considerations, there needs to be a little more thought around which type of filling will suit your budget and requirements. Essentially, there’s a choice of natural fibres (such as duck or goose feather and down, wool, silk or cotton) or synthetic fibre-filled duvets.

While natural fibre-filled duvets are seen to be the more luxurious option, with such advances in technology and how fillings can be produced, in many people’s opinion synthetic products have now surpassed natural filled products as they both feel softer and are remarkably resilient over a long period of time.

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division Duvet and Pillows

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division Duvet and Pillows

Featuring Smartfil®, a unique next generation fibre technology, The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s synthetic bedding allows hoteliers to offer superior thermal performance and maximum air flow, keeping guests warm and comfortable as they sleep. The special silicone coating allows the duvets and pillows to revive and recover their form like new every day after plumping up and also after regular and repeated in house washing as opposed to natural filled products that require professional dry cleaning.

Its synthetic range of hotel bedding allows hoteliers to offer luxurious bedding including pillows, duvets and mattress toppers to enhance the guest experience as well as offering them peace of mind that the range is practical and functional. The range on offer is ultra-light for faster room turnover and quick drying so freshly laundered duvets can be returned to a bed within hours, rather than days.

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s natural hotel bedding range includes ethically sourced duck down and duck feather variations and add a touch of natural luxury to every guests stay. Guests regularly contact us to tell us about their great night’s sleep and seek to learn more about our products, and even ask to purchase them.

“My family and I recently stayed at a hotel in Jersey and we all had the best sleep ever due to the Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s pillow”

“We recently stayed at a hotel in Quinta do Lago in Algarve and they had your duck feather & down pillows which where sublime”

“Hi. I recently stayed at a hotel in Inverness-shire, and omg the pillows were out of this world! So I had to see where they were from”