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Give your guests a great night’s sleep

Trial the SleepHubs Premium Mattress Topper in your hotel, for free. Made with British award-winning micro-spring technology and a natural wool comfort layer, the topper is durable, breathable and allows guests to choose their comfort level.

When it comes to sleep, getting the balance between comfort and support is key. With the SleepHubs Premium Mattress Topper, even the firmest of mattresses can provide soft comfort, without compromising on support. The topper is seamlessly split with one half softer than the other, so couples can select their preference and both enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Recently featured in The Great Sleep Quality Experiment at Grand Designs Live, the SleepHubs Premium Mattress Topper was ranked the highest, increasing the comfort of a firm mattress by 50%.

To feature the SleepHubs Premium Mattress Topper in your hotel, free of charge, please get in touch with Charlie Oulton at or go to for more information.