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Hildon Natural Mineral Water – British Quality and Style

Nominated and chosen by culinary experts, Hildon Natural Mineral Water has brought home the Chefs Choice Award for Taste seven consecutive years in a row.  A unique taste that comes from the aquifer beneath the unique terroir on our Hampshire Estate.

As rainwater filters through 9 different soil types, including Test Valley chalk, it undergoes a natural filtration, gathering new flavor attributes and trace minerals of its own.  When the water is drawn from its one single source, aside from final filtration and quality checks, nothing is done to this water before it reaches the bottle – which is why Hildon has the Natural Mineral Water status – the highest quality designation that bottled water can carry.  Every glass of Hildon has the same composition and consistent, deliciously pure taste.

The source of the eponymous natural mineral water, is hidden away on the 160-acre Hildon Estate.  On entering the discreet gateway, no one would recognize signs of any commercial activity here, as the small Hildon team work quietly in their offices carefully designed to blend in with its natural surroundings.

This is a very close-knit family, some of whom have worked there for over 30 years.  They are united in their common goals; to preserve the Estate for generations to come and to operate ethically with staff, neighbours and the wider Community.

Far from provincial though, Hildon is a global phenomenon, exported to over 30 different countries, and in 2018 Hildon was awarded the Royal Warrant.  As well as its continuous service to Her Majesty the Queen, to be granted this, the company had to meet very strict criteria for ethical and sustainable business practices.

A flagship for top-class British style, Hildon Natural Mineral Water is the go-to water for all those who value provenance, quality and the best purity of flavor.

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