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Home Cooking with The Athenian

If home-cooking inspiration is wearing thin, tune in to The Athenian’s Instagram, where co-founder of the greek street food concept, Tim Vasilakis, will be live-streaming cooking classes via Instagram (@theathenianukevery Saturday at 7pm. Determined their customers still be able to enjoy delectable Greek fare, Tim will be teaching viewers to make favourites from the menu, including a mouthwatering range of mains, sides and dips, from the comfort of their homes.

The dishes will primarily focus on the fresh, delicious flavours that feature on The Athenian menu, with some added surprises. Over the next few weeks, recipes covered will include Santorini Tomato Croquettes, Spicy Feta Dip, homemade Gyros, and the exquisitely chocolatey Greek dessert, Mosaico. This week, Saturday 4th April, Tim will be making a quick and simple recipe for Tzatziki as they make it at The Athenian.