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HRC 2020: Charvet adds innovation, sustainability and colour

Charvet makes truly heavy-duty equipment packed full of features.

Chefs love cooking with Charvet and we have just won a HIGHLY COMMENDED rating within the ‘Best Cooking Ranges’ category of Restaurant magazine’s Readers Choice Awards 2020.

We won’t be hard to spot at the HRC Professional Kitchen Show Stand P419, as the centrepiece is a large, coloured Charvet bespoke range!

Charvet has its own enamel factory and specialises in tailoring coloured enamel panels for its Pro 700, 800 and 900 suites and matching Salamander.

Yellow Bespoke

There are nine standard colours and virtually any colour you like can be tailored on request.

Appearing in Ivory is a Charvet Pro800 with the new Four Zone Plancha and Electric Water Grill, Charvet’s version of an electric chargrill.

Our reduced-depth Pro700 cooking modules – pasta cooker, open burners, chrome Plancha etc – are featuring on the stand in stunning black – the finish that The Langley hotel chose for its new teaching kitchen.

Charvet Refractory Cement 2250

Also, on show, Multizone induction – four 3.5kW hobs that work as one. Charvet’s outstanding-value ONE series six burner and Triple Gas Chargrill with refrigerated drawer underneath.

Charvet is also unveiling its Low Temperature Cooking using our existing bains marie. Available on the Pro700, 800 and 900 Series and bespoke ranges, the Low Temperature Cooking unit features digital controls, automatic water filling and water agitation to ensure consistent temperatures.

Ivory Range Pro800

Sustainability, energy saving gas ranges

Chefs love using gas and Charvet has developed an open gas burner that is about as energy saving as induction!

When using Charvet pan detectors, you could reduce gas usage by a conservative 50%, possibly more, and the detectors will pay for themselves in 1 year, LPG users in 6 months!

The Charvet gas burner can have A pan detector built within which uses the same principle as induction by switching on and off automatically when a pan is put on or off the burner.

A simple mushroom shaped stainless-steel plunger depresses, opens a micro-switch that in turn opens the gas solenoid that automatically lights the gas. Voila!

Langley Teaching Kitchen

Sustainability cemented into Charvet ranges!

If you are looking for a new gas range, look out for the use of refractory cement around the heating elements.

The cement withstands high temperatures and prevents the escape of heat, ‘focussing’ or directing the burner output onto the hotplate above and thus minimising energy wastage.

The cement blocks are heavy, need extra engineering to keep them in place and are a cost that many of our competitors do not bear.

But their use means energy saved! Charvet can use smaller rated gas burners but still achieve a similar heat output to some competitor ranges, because they need larger output burners to compensate for ‘unfocussed’ flames and hence more wasted heat.

Sustainability in the Charvet grill

The Charvet Rise and Fall Salamander boasts huge power, achieving 400 degC in nine seconds, but it also has energy conservation built in.

There is a ‘Plate detection system’ that turns up the heat from ‘standby’ to full power when a plate is put under the grill. Two independent cooking areas means one can be switched off during slack periods. Plate detection saves approximately 30% energy compared to a conventional grill, given average restaurant usage with peaks and troughs in demand through the day.

Charvet Induction Multizone

Sustainability and the induction cooking range

Induction is renowned for saving energy and an Induction Range replicates the traditional solid top range beloved of chefs up and down the UK. With 4 x 3.5kW induction hobs that work independently or as one, the Charvet Induction Multizone offers similar performance to a gas or electric solid top, without all their wasted heat.

Charvet’s induction solid top will also cut the need for ventilation and this makes it ideal for using in small kitchens or where ventilation is a problem.

Charvet Low Temperature Cooking Module 2250

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