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Combining Ancient methods with ultra modern technology

‘Inspired by the raw beauty of Sutherland’

About Hutig:

Hutig Furniture designs and manufactures high quality, sustainable furniture in Brora which lies on the East Sutherland coast of Northern Scotland.

In the Sutherland ‘Flow Country’, vast amount of lochs pepper the land surrounded by sea and mountains including some of the oldest rocks in the world. In our designs we use textures and flowing grain patterns inspired by these unique landscapes.

You’ll find that our furniture has a living look and feel that seems to change just as the weather and light change these windswept landscapes.

With Hutig Furniture you’re getting a piece of our landscape heritage you can see and feel.

Our background:

We have been operating in the bespoke furniture market for more than 20 years. We’ve always had a passion for veneer. Why? – we’ll explain this to you in this article.

In 2019 we’ve invested in the latest solid timber sawing technology, enabling us to produce our own sawn veneer with flat and textured surfaces of amazing quality and consistency. The result is a new line of wooden furniture of unmatched quality, ‘Inspired by the raw beauty of Sutherland’.

Some of the immediate benefits are:

  • Unique selection of timbers, sustainably harvested from woodlands of Sutherland.
  • Natural grain textured finish as standard.
  • Solid build with handmade look and feel.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Solid Wood versus Veneer:

Within the furniture industry there are many speculations and discussions going on about the advantages and disadvantages of using solid timber or veneer. There are many different opinions and preferences; nobody knows exactly what is better.

So, what if we combine the 2 ways of making furniture, eliminate the disadvantages and use the advantages of both.


Hutig Furniture does exactly that. Hutig Furniture uses its own in-house made sawn veneer, cut precisely into the required thickness for its purpose, where an engineered timber base is used as core material.

How do we do it?

We are using state of the art sawing technology to realize our goals and ambitions. Seen in operation our new Wintersteiger bandsaw is the most astonishing sight for all who are interested in furniture manufacturing technology.

We manufacture the veneer in thicknesses to suit the finished product’s mechanical/ durability requirements and also to achieve design features of grain pattern etc to suit the client/designer’s vision. The ability to use heavy grain figuring means we create a unique product not possible in either commercial veneer or in solid timber.

We also use solid timber where veneer may not add to the look/feel of the finished product – in end battens for example

Wintersteiger Saw Blade


Sustainability is one of the most important features in the production of Hutig Furniture. Mainly native locally sourced timbers are used (fallen trees from estates in the area), though species that cannot be grown here are available as well.

Our sawing techniques produce 6 times the yield in a log and waste is reduced from 35% to around 5%.

The engineered core material is made from trees specially grown for the furniture industry in sustainable forests in Italy and Spain.

All materials used are environmental friendly and selected from sustainable sources. All components are produced in-house.

Processing a ‘fallen’ European Oak


Seeds (acorns in this case) are gathered in the area of the fallen tree. After sprouting the young trees will be planted in the area where the ‘mother’ tree was fallen.

Oak saplings

The result:

A modern piece of high quality furniture with a handcrafted finish; sustainable and guaranteed to last a lifetime.


T: 07818 205077

Inspired by the raw beauty of Sutherland