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Introducing the CardsSafe e-commerce service

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A unique system giving you and your customers peace of mind

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to safely retain customer credit/debit cards or a piece of ID, while the card holder “runs a tab”.  CardsSafe is also perfect for situations where a customer tries out a product or service for a period before returning this or settling. CardsSafe has now revolutionized the way you manage customer “tabs” in your premises.

Increase customer spendHow will CardsSafe help me?

Increase customer spend

If you want to increase spend you must retain cards securely. According to research by Visa, card users spend at least 35% more than cash customers. CardsSafe easily pays for itself.

Reduce costs and losses

Reduce costs and losses

The CardsSafe system eliminates errors made by staff and customers. Walkout losses are reduced by 50% and charge backs reduced by 90%. Quickly and easily put an end to mistakes behind the bar.

Be PCI compliant

Be PCI compliantDon’t let the PCI regime become a barrier to great customer service! With CardsSafe you can retain cards, keep your customers happy and comply with PCI standards.

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