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K-Fee UK

K-Fee Lattensia

We are K-Fee UK. As part of the family owned Krüger Group we pride ourselves in offering affordable all in one capsule machines, coffee capsules, tea capsules & coffee accessories for your pleasure and enjoyment.

We are explorers and connoisseurs, seeking out and sourcing the finest coffees from around the world. Driven by a passion for coffee, we experiment with new roasts and blends to develop flavours that reflect the latest trends in the coffee market.

For K-fee system coffee capsules, hand-picked coffee beans from the world’s best growing areas are used, gently roasted and ground, shortly before being packaged. As soon as our K-fee capsules have been filled, they are given a seal to preserve their freshness and full aroma. All our coffee is UTZ certified as we are committed to using resource-saving production and helping develop better living conditions for farmers.

All our capsule machines have a unique duo pressure technology; high pressure for espresso with perfect crema and low pressure for filter coffee and tea. Every K-Fee capsule machine can make a wide range of drinks, from a cappuccino to a chai latte. Each machine offers a warm-up time of 15 seconds so you can make a delicious latte in less time than it would take a barista. They all have a removable water tank for convenience and a descaling programme to keep your machine looking immaculate.

All our machines have different qualities and come with a no contract agreement, so it is easy to find the one that’s right for you.

  • Our K-Fee One is a low maintenance capsule machine perfect for hotel rooms, bistro’s and reception areas. It is convenient, compact, simple to use and just £99.

K-Fee One

  • The K-Fee Wave is £125. It is our affordable all-round machine that will allow a small conference room to enjoy the full range of K-fee drinks. It has a straightforward three-button operation which makes it easy to use and a sleek design that would look perfect in a hotel room.

K-Fee Wave

  • The K-Fee Grande is our ultimate capsule machine ideal for breakfast stations, bars, bistro’s, conference rooms and boardrooms. It holds up to 29 capsules and the water tank has a capacity of 3.5L. This machine offers technical brilliance, excellent performance and straightforward operation at a touch of a button and for only £299.

K-Fee Grande

  • The K-Fee Lattensia+ is our newest model at just £399. With its fully automatic milk foaming technology and state of the art design, this machine is ideal for your restaurant area and those who enjoy a great cup of coffee every time. It has an easy to use display screen, which allows you to choose your favourites – a quicker and smarter way to make coffee.

K-Fee Lattensia+

K Fee UK announces a new range of aluminium coffee capsules under the Mr & Mrs Mill brand to be available to all Nespresso coffee machine users. The new range consists of three classic styles, Ristretto, Lungo and Espresso which are complimentary to the exceptional range of coffee by Mr & Mrs Mill. Why not try before you buy?