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New Pump Technology Ltd. DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump) automatic Pumping System – for Combi Oven Cleaning Cycles

For 26 years Pump Technology Ltd. has been the Uk’s leading wastewater pumping system provider for commercial kitchen drainage requirements.

In response to requests from kitchen designers and users, we have developed the New DrainMinor C, a compact and reliable automatic pumping system specifically for Combi Oven cleaning cycles.

The DrainMinor C features compact size, low level inlet, reliable pumping, ease of use and the ability to pump away multiple ovens or other requirements like a sink all at an extremely economical price.

The DrainMinor C package includes a compact, grey, rigid recyclable Polyethylene collecting tank. Dimensions: – H 322mm x W 300mm x D 290mm, which will fit conveniently under a counter with ample access room.  The lid covers the entire top of the tank and fits onto a captive seal. This ensures that it is easy to see into the tank and all around the pump to facilitate removal of any debris from the cleaning cycle.

An optional high-level alarm is available.

A 70mm “center line” low level inlet can be cut into the end or side of the tank to suit the oven drainage layout.  Internal pipework and a 11/4” BSP non-return valve are included.

The robust commercial submersible Jung Pumpen drainage pump is fitted with a low-level triangular float on an external rigid float arm. This ensures accurate and reliable automatic pump start and stop during the Combi oven cleaning cycle. Because of this design it does not become jammed or restricted in the same way that an internal pump float system can.

The pump is fitted with a Silicon Carbide mechanical shaft seal, oil chamber and shaft seal ring. This provides super protection and long life for the pump when pumping hot waters and diluted chemicals particularly when compared with a standard pump with a diaphragm shaft seal. The pump is also fitted with a self-venting port ensuring potential air locking from the turbulent discharge cleaning wastewater is always prevented.

The New DrainMinor C pumping system is the perfect solution for kitchen designers and users to ensure reliability and ease of use during light, medium or heavy Combi Oven cleaning cycles.

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