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Not again! No guest relishes the prospect of shivering in their nightclothes

No guest relishes the prospect of shivering in their nightclothes in the car park at 3 am having been rudely awoken, no matter how much they understand or appreciate why they’ve been evacuated!

There’s nothing like a false alarm to upset the smooth running of a normally calm and controlled ‘swan-like’ operation. Unnecessary evacuations unnerve guests, disrupt productivity and ultimately cost the industry a lot of money. In fact, it has been calculated that the UK loses more than £1 billion annually in GDP to false alarms.

InteraX Advance Alarm Monitoring can be integrated with a range of alarm monitoring systems to provide more complete and timely communications ensuring that any alarm-triggered response is handled efficiently, accurately and with the minimum of disruption.

InteraX integrates with most fire, security and service monitoring systems to deliver location-specific and pinpoint accurate status messages delivered directly to digital two-way radio and by SMS to smartphones. Most cleverly, keywords can be pre-programmed to not only depict the exact nature of the system trigger but can also determine the most appropriate person or teams to notify and in what priority order. The key word of Fault, for example, may initially only be sent to an on-site engineer, whilst the keyword Fire would automatically alert trained firefighters. In the event of there being no response from the first notified source, InteraX automatically alerts a pre-determined backup team and if still no response, alerts all radios and SMS receivers.

By constantly monitoring the normal state of alarm conditions, InteraX can flag up any potential problems into a pre-alarm state, giving appropriate personnel a few minutes to identify and rectify any problems before a full alarm alert is triggered. In this way, it can prevent a localised issue escalating into the need for a full evacuation situation.

Should the immediate response be unable to prevent a full alarm state developing, at the very least personnel are able to reassure guests of what is happening, organise a localised or phased evacuation and direct additional staffing resources to coordinate the situation as quickly as possible and with the minimum of disruption.

And, if you don’t happen to have radios with display capability, no problem, InteraX can even ‘speak’ using artificial intelligence voice technology.

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