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ProofVisions’ Premium and Professional Waterproof TV’s

Bathroom electronic solution specialists featuring IR and RS232 compatibility.

As one of the UK’s leading names in water resistant electronics and fittings for the bathroom, ProofVision boast their latest waterproof AV equipment.

Designed by ProofVision their bathroom TVs are: IP65 rated, offer full HD, models available as smart TV’s, sizes 19inch to 55inch, available in Black, White and Mirror finish and built in vibration speakers. As many of us fulfil a hectic, stressful yet rewarding life, the luxury of having a bathroom TV is something we’ve seen on the rise in the bathroom industry. 90% of customers install the bathroom TV at the end of the bath and is an ideal way to maximise relaxation and rest. Plush features such as a waterproof remote and a flush fully sealed unit make the ProofVision waterproof TV the one to have.

ProofVisions’ William Uttley commented: “Our Bathroom TV range has been in the market since 2008 and with a kaizen approach to product development we have seen our product develop over the years into a worldwide leading product in the AV bathroom industry. It’s great to look back at the first model we introduced and look at what we offer the market now. A development I’m most proud of is the vibration speaker, this technology has allowed us to provide built in speakers which enables us to keep a high IP rating as no speaker grisll are needed, we see this as one of our key USP points.”