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Red Dog Glass Design unveils the perfect recipe for calm with Inhale splashback

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or, add a touch of serene tranquility with the Inhale glass splashback from Red Dog Glass Design.

Taking inspiration from rolling hills and the expansiveness of the British landscape, Inhale is based on a piece of original artwork from Red Dog Glass Design founder Sally Coulden.

Like all other glass splashbacks and bathroom tiles from the British interiors brand, Sally’s artwork has been digitally deconstructed before being reimagined on premium, stain-resistant glass that can stand up to anything the kitchen can throw at it.

Sally said:

“Kitchens can be quite high-pressure environments so I wanted to create a piece that would exude calm and serenity. Inhale really encourages homeowners to take a breath, step back from stress and enjoy a moment of stability.”

Featuring shades of warm orange, blue and cream, Inhale commands attention and will complement a plethora of existing colour schemes.

These premium glass panels are smooth and waterproof, making them hygienic and easy to keep clean. Tough and stain-resistant, they make them ideal feature wall tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

Prices start from £125 for a bathroom tile. For more information: