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Smart Fire UK leads the way in heating solutions

Hotels across the UK are turning to two innovative heating ranges to provide stylish and cost efficient solutions.

Smart Fire UK is the sole British distributor for Bromic Heating and EcoSmart bio ethanol fires.

These two brands are changing the way the hospitality sector heat internal and external spaces, with style, heat and cost efficiency all front of mind.

Bromic Heating offer practical yet innovative design, and the high quality of the heaters means they are some of the worlds most in demand outdoor heating products.

With the end user constantly in the mind of the Bromic engineers, the heaters deliver the highest standard of efficiency, usability and performance.

Their unique, stylish design and efficient output means these discreet yet powerful heaters work well in outdoor settings.

The Tungsten Smart Heat Electric is a popular choice in the Bromic electric range with outputs from 2 to 6 KW.

It emits a low intensity glow to add to the ambience of an area and sits closely to a flat surface, blending it in with the surroundings.

The Electric range is further enhanced by the Bromic Platinum electric with a powerful 2300W infra-red output.

This heater has a thin shape with minimal light emission. It can be hung from the ceiling or used as a wall-mounted heater, creating a stylish and unobtrusive installation which customers will hardly notice.

With a length of less than one meter and a depth of just 177mm, this heater is considerably smaller than other options currently on the market.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, it both looks the part and is built to last.

The Bromic Tungsten range is a robust and economical option available in electric, gas and portable models

The Bromic Tungsten Portable is particularly popular due to its fuel efficiency, whilst also having wheels that make it easy to transport around bars and restaurants.

The heaters are hardwearing and won’t buckle under the pressure of bad weather, with the Tungsten Smart Heat Gas remaining effective in winds of up to 14 km/h.

EcoSmart bio-ethanol fires are products which have rewritten the rulebook when it comes to fireplace design.

Because bio-ethanol fires require no chimney or flue, their design potential is almost limitless.

They can be placed in existing grates or situated almost anywhere within a room.

Coupled with award winning, outstanding design, these fires offer a natural, energy efficient and cost effective answer which provides warmth, ambience and a stunning focal point.

These green fires are fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture, which means they do not need a chimney, flue or extraction system.

The EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box has become a popular choice with hotels wanting to make an impression and looking for a stylish solution for an existing grate or fireplace.

The fires have been designed to compliment a wide range of building materials to create a traditional or modern look.

The fuel is stored in the device’s internal reservoir meaning that there are no pipes or cables required during the installation process.

All the workings of the fire are managed from inside the box so they can simply be installed into a standard frame or inside an existing fireplace.

The EcoSmart Bio Ethanol Burners are the obvious choice for creating a design statement.

Their versatility means they can be placed almost anywhere – within the middle of a table for a talking point over dinner, in your spa, around the pool or in the centre of a stylish lounge.

The Designer range is ideal if you want a contemporary focal or talking point within a room.

Perfect for private or public rooms within a hotel or in the home these fires are cutting edge and will certainly create a buzz.

Paul Holt, Business Manager at Smart Fire UK said: “At Smart Fire UK we focus on offering hotels alternative heating solutions and work closely with them to ensure they have a heating system which works hand in hand with their requirements.

The choices on offer are much better than they’ve ever been. They combine aesthetic appeal with cost and heat efficiency and with new models being added to the range all the time, hotels can remain one step ahead of the competition. | Phone: +44(0)20 7384 1677|