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The Abbey, Notting Hill

The Abbey, an iconic establishment with a rich history, announces its reopening after a prolonged closure in 2020. Under new management, Monday Hospitality Group have transformed this revered landmark, both in terms of rebranding and refurbishment. The result is a stylish and contemporary boutique hotel that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics while incorporating & preserving some of its original architectural elements. Much of the interior has been repurposed and given a new lease of life including the original marble bathroom counters and surrounds.

The Abbey’s 22 newly renovated rooms and suites offer guests sophistication, comfort and convenience. And are the perfect opportunity to experience the prestige that Notting Hill is renowned for. The hotel still has much more to develop with a future food and beverage offering for guests and the local community in the pipeline.

To Quote Monday MHG Founder Micheal O’Brien: “We are honored to not only acquire this building, but delighted to reopen The Abbey. It stands as such an important part of London’s heritage, and has been missed by the local community. It is an exceptional business opportunity for MHG to operate in such a well known location.”