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The Churchill Bar & Terrace, Marylebone, Announces New Sustainable Focused Cocktail Menu Launching May 2022

With the daffodils in bloom and summer around the corner, The Churchill Bar & Terrace has created a new cocktail menu designed to be more sustainable and to shed light on issues that the expert mixologists feel passionate about, including forest protection, renewable energy, air quality and wildlife conservation. The new menu features twelve curated cocktails centred around ten themes of environmental concern to explore how the bar industry can take steps to be more environmentally friendly. Each cocktail champions a theme of sustainability, and the team at the Churchill Bar & Terrace hopes guests feel inspired by the incredible cocktails and the important message behind each one. 

The new cocktail menu includes such delights as The Swell which uses Mermaid Gin, handcrafted on the Isle of Wight using ten ethically sourced botanicals. The gin has also been awarded the Plastic Free standard by ‘A Plastic Planet’ due to its use of sustainably sourced cork, compostable seal and recyclable glass. The Swell raises awareness of the issue of ocean protection and includes Vetiver liqueur and Seaweed Mancino Secco. Other menu highlights include Monarch, which represents a butterfly’s metamorphosis symbolised by the changing colours of yellow and purple. With Masons Gin from North Yorkshire infused with tea, alongside a cucumber cordial and an Acqua Bianca liqueur, Monarch has a remarkably fresh and floral flavour that perfectly accompanies the notes of spring and summer in the air. 

To enhance their support of sustainable causes, The Churchill Bar & Terrace have partnered with a relevant organisation for two of their cocktails. For every Green Lung cocktail sold, the bar will contribute £2 of their cocktail to Trees 4 Travel, an organisation that makes travel planet and people positive through the planting of trees and investment into renewable energy. As a cocktail that centres the importance of reforestation, each Green Lung sold will therefore plant one tree, and every tree is also partnered with an investment into renewable energy projects, meaning the organisation can support more short term and immediate causes while the trees grow. From the Red Wilderness cocktail, £1 will be donated to The Fox Project, an ambulance network and wildlife hospital dedicated to the red fox, which treats over 1,000 foxes a year, including 300 cubs. 


Throughout the menu, every aspect has been considered, from the ingredients to the vessel, with Be Hive served in a unique 100% beeswax cup to celebrate bees and beehives as an integral part of the natural world. Meanwhile, Up In The Air champions vodka as one of the lowest emission producing spirits and showcases its cause through a theatrical presentation encompassing a purifying diffuser as part of the vessel, and Full Circle, which uses Lakes English Whisky and home-cured beetroot to create a full-bodied cocktail with herbal notes spotlights Renewable Energy, along with herbs from the bar’s grow light garden powered by a solar panel. Some cocktails, such as the Wasteless Martini, Second life and Agua de Vida repurpose items from the kitchen that may otherwise have gone to waste, with an oyster shell garnish, a carrot and banana peel kombucha and a fortified fennel sherbet. 

Of the new menu, Head Bartender Christian Maspes says: “We have designed this menu as a team to really zooms in on some of the huge issues facing our planet. As a bar, we are taking our first important steps to become more sustainable: we have been minimising waste and prioritising sustainable ingredients for a while now, but this menu has allowed us to work with more innovative product partners and really work out what changes we need to make on our journey to operating as sustainably as possible. We are looking forward to sharing these steps with our guests, and opening the conversation up to see what more we can do to further these causes that are so close to our hearts.”

There is no better place to enjoy a cocktail than at The Churchill Bar & Terrace where a delicious new cocktail menu awaits guests wanting to enjoy a tipple that centres and furthers the fight for a more sustainable future.