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The Paglierino Collection from SACW: A Captivating Travertine Effect Porcelain Tile Collection with Two Distinct Finishes

Expertly crafted from hard-wearing porcelain, the Paglierino collection from the Stone & Ceramic Warehouse offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional travertine. This collection captures the timeless beauty of natural stone with a choice of cross-cut and vein-cut designs. These two cutting techniques create distinct appearances from the same material, providing versatile options for your space. The captivating cross-cut design mirrors the effect of cutting across the grain, revealing cloud-like patterns. The tiles’ soft, warm tones and subtle surface variations evoke a natural sense of movement, reminiscent of genuine stone formations.

Paglierino cross-cut tiles are suitable for walls and floors and are available in three elegant neutral colours: Light, Classic, and Oyster. Choose from three different sizes: 60x60cm, 60x120cm and 120x280cm.

Vein-cut is when a stone slab is cut against the natural grain, highlighting the distinctive banding and linear patterns of the veining within the material. This process results in nearly parallel veins of varying colours that appear lengthwise or vertically. The Paglierino vein-cut tiles exemplify this captivating effect, featuring layered patterns that can be used to create visually stunning results. There are four colour options to choose from in this design; Light, Classic, Oyster, and Noce. Suitable for walls and floors and available in two sizes: 60x120cm and 120x280cm.

“The Paglierino collection opens up vast possibilities for interior design. Ranging from large-format slab tiles to eye-catching 3D decor tiles and strip mosaics, this collection presents exciting opportunities for creative expression. Interestingly the decor tiles and mosaics can be applied not only to standard walls but also to curved surfaces like shower spaces or bars, adding a high-end finish and a touch of individuality. With its warm, inviting, and timeless appeal, the Paglierino collection breathes new life into the traditional travertine look. These tiles are truly transformative and possess the adaptability to complement a variety of design styles, from earthy and rustic to sophisticated and refined” highlights Jo Oliver-Singh, Director of the Stone & Ceramic Warehouse.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, porcelain travertine effect tiles are highly durable and low maintenance. Porcelain is known for its strength, resistance to stains, and ease of cleaning, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Jo comments “With the Paglierino collection, you can enjoy the look of travertine without worrying about its natural porosity or the need for constant sealing. These porcelain travertine effect tiles offer a perfect combination of style, durability, and practicality making them ideal for any commercial project.”

For those wanting to create a seamless link between indoor and outdoor spaces, there are also external tiles available. “Flooring is a great way to link inside and out. Creating a continuous floor that flows from the interior to the exterior will make the overall space seem much larger than it is, even when the doors are closed, as the room appears to continue outside. Porcelain floor tiles are an ideal material for these kinds of design schemes. Not only is porcelain easy to maintain, but it is also very hardwearing, UV resistant, doesn’t stain, and is anti-slip.” advises Jo.