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THRILL VORTEX is the solution

Sanitise & chill in an instant with the THRILL VORTEX.

If you ever wondered why the cocktails served in the most trendsetting bars tend to taste so much better, the answer may lie not in the contents of the glass, but within the glass itself.

A glass that has been properly cleaned and sanitised enhances the overall taste experience. The invisible residue that remains after washing may adulterate the taste and odor of drinks, compromising the quality of the products served.

Thanks to THRILL, it takes just a few seconds to thoroughly sanitise & chill the glass, leaving the product completely free of any unpleasant odours or aftertaste, allowing for a truly unique tasting experience!!

A revolution in fast chilling.

With the THRILL VORTEX, innovation comes in from the cold, providing the trade with instantaneous glassware sanitation and chilling. THRILL takes the beverage tasting experience to a completely different level.

In the majority of cases, icemakers are not cleaned regularly, thus promoting the proliferation and spread of dirt and bacteria. Ice should always be transferred from the icemaker to the ice bucket using a scoop that has been properly cleaned and kept in a container suitable for food use.

Once on the counter, the ice-bucket should be protected from possible sources of contamination and when the ice is transferred to the glass it should be done using clean pincers or a ice scoop.

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