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Trends in Spa Design – 2020

The spa at South Lodge

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Sparcstudio an independent, creative design studio with an established reputation for excellence in the spa, wellness, hotel and resort sectors has announced its key trends in spa design for 2020.

Creative Director, Beverley Bayes comments:

“We are witnessing a shift within luxury spa design away from formal, minimalist Spa, towards Spas that have ‘heart & soul’ that are about comfort and relaxation & reconnecting with nature. These trends draw on the concept of ‘barefoot luxury’ and are all delivered in a way that is inspiring, yet practical in a European setting by bringing the outside-in”.

Laid back luxury/resort:

The concept of luxurious materials has changed away from plush and bling. Use of natural, raw materials will become more commonplace as Spas aim to recreate the kind of ‘barefoot luxury’ that guests experience on luxury, island resorts. The design style will reflect this ethos with the use of marbles such as ‘Forest Green’ in a honed finish (rather than the highly polished Calacatta marble) end grain timbers & green slate and Terracotta tiles in interesting formats. Luxury is also about incorporating handmade locally sourced, materials artwork and furniture. New luxury is about nurture & care

The spa at South Lodge

Natural Pools:

Natural swimming pools offer a sense of freedom and escapism whilst tapping into the popularity of ‘wild swimming’. These fresh water, naturally filtered pools and ponds are set to become an essential element for any forwarding thinking, eco-conscious Spa developer. Instagrammable? Yes, but friendly to the environment and a unique Spa experience for all guests keen to embrace the outdoors.

Move over mosaics:

The use of mosaics has a long history in the Spa world, but they are fraught with maintenance issues. In 2020 and beyond, expect to see the use of more modular, large format tiles.  Tiles measuring 3m x 1.5 metres will become the norm, creating a bold new look while reducing maintenance problems from grout deterioration, mildew or general wear and tear. These new large tiles also offer new opportunities to create statement walls with bespoke motifs and textures.

Cottonmill Club at Sopwell House

Everything’s gone green & organic:

Whilst everyone’s money is on Cobalt Blue as being the colour for 2020, we think ‘Studio Green’ is the colour of the moment in Spa.  Dark and rich, it creates a intense backdrop to other colours & natural woods and stones & Terracotta – expect to see it contrasting with aqua greens and moss tones for a natural effect.

Aqua Sana Longford Forest, Ireland

Bring on the curves

Rendered walls will give Spas a new, found freedom for creating organic shapes using modern stone and plaster polished render surfaces which have the aesthetic properties of traditional materials such as Moroccan ‘Tadelakt’. Poured and polished concrete might sound austere, but in the right setting, contrasted with a modern, contemporary colour palette and interiors styled using natural plants, this can be an effective tool for providing a unique look to a Spa.

Aqua Sana Longford Forest, Ireland

Let there be (hidden) light:

Concealed lighting will progressively replace spot and down lighting to give a softer, more integrated look to any Spa space. Concealed, full colour spectrum lighting throughout the Spa journey offers a soft and subtle ambiance. Lighting which intelligently responds to the guest and subtly changes in intensity throughout the day will become the norm.

Kinetic projections onto the floors, walls and ceilings will become more popular as lighting design and technology matures and progresses. LED lighting has revolutionised lighting design so expect to see greater use of linear lighting tape which can be wrapped around organic shapes.  We also design our spa journeys specifically to take advantage of natural light & to provide a connection to the natural surroundings.


Images courtesy of Sparcstudio