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Ultrafabrics announces huge color refresh of its North American-made Uf Select collection

Adding 38 colors and curated selection available for two-day quick ship

ULTRAFABRICS, the world’s leading producer of high-tech performance fabrics in 11 global markets, has announced a color refresh for its North American-produced line, Uf Select.

Ultrafabrics leads the market in color choices for its performance fabric collections, far surpassing its competitors, and to the celebration of designers who trust Ultrafabrics to take projects to the next level. These 38 new colors bring the total to 89 colors of Uf Select available for the US market and 64 for the UK/Europe.

Nicole Meier, Director of Branding at Ultrafabrics, says, “Creative directors, architects, designers and specifiers across all markets trust our expertise in color and its importance in their design process. We take that trust seriously and continually refine our offering to ensure they find exactly what they need, whether it’s the perfect white for a luxury car interior or dynamic magenta for a hospitality project, design leaders know they can find it here.”

She adds, “Our process for creating color with our experts is lengthy and time consuming, ensuring that a depth and richness of each tone is achieved in every light and environment. We don’t leave anything to chance.”

Inspired by the masters of the art world

Who better to inspire a color refresh than history’s greatest painters? Of the 89 colors in the Ultrafabrics collections, the 38 new ones are inspired by Matisse, Monet, Van Dyke, Van Gogh, Vermeer and Whistler.  New color collection Matisse Blue is inspired by a finely ground blue glass called smalt, which came into use in the 15th century and continues to be an important hue in artists’ palettes today. Monet Green references the Middle Ages, when Italian painters used natural, green pigments like soil and plant extracts in their art. Van Dyke Brown, named after the Flemish painter, is a dark brown color that evokes hues of the earth’s soil. Van Gogh Yellow includes an ochre found across the world, derived from natural minerals in various shades from yellow to brown. Vermeer Red references the opulent range of fuchsias, reds and purples created by the important cochineal beetle insect dye source. Far from dull, Whistler Gray, adds tremendous depth and is influenced by shadows and contrasting darkness and light.

The new colors have been introduced into the Uf Select Montage and Impasto collections to bring a continued focus on hospitality applications. Montage offers a natural and subtly distressed look with its weathered, rich surface that mimics collage. Impasto, which is only available for the US market, balances a classic appearance with a strong visual impact that features a textural quality reminiscent of layered paint on a canvas.

Uf Select is North American-produced for speed to market and supports the intention to reduce transportation carbon footprint

The Uf Select collections are made in North America and were launched in 2021 to expand color and texture selection,  and to minimize lead times with the ultimate intention of reducing the brand’s transportation footprint. Twenty-five timeless and current colors from Montage and Impasto are now available for quick shipping in North America, with up to 100 yards shipping within 48-hours.

Meier says of the launch, “The old adage is that you can’t have a product that is good, fast and reasonably priced, you can only have two out of three. We reject that. Uf Select is premium quality, competitively priced and we will get clients up to 100 yards in 48 hours through our Quick Ship offering. With these new colors and our warranty, designers can rely on Ultrafabrics to take projects to the next level.”