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Yogi Bare bring eco-conscious yoga mats to the hospitality world in partnership with Global Amenities Direct

Yogi Bare, the globally renowned high performance, eco-conscious
yoga brand, is truly excited to partner with Global Amenities Direct, an innovative source for hospitality guest enhancements to bring sustainable yoga wellbeing to the hospitality world.

With unparalleled grip and support, the crafted biodegradable natural-rubber Yogi Bare ‘Paws’ yoga mats are beautifully laser etched with intricate design. This mat is slightly longer than your average mat, and 4mm in thickness, giving you more room to play with extra space
and comfort. The manufacturing of the mats is fully considered with an ethical and fair process. All packaging is made from recycled materials, to also be recycled again.

This partnership will see Global Amenities Direct supporting hotels globally, to offer wellbeing amenities in hotel rooms, allowing time poor on-the-go guests to wind down in their own way, and are thrilled to be partnering with Qbic Hotels on a custom project. Getting to the
gym is not always possible, so more and more hotels are offering yoga mats in their rooms, for guests to work out how they want, when they want. Additionally, YouTube, smart TV’s and other apps make it very easy to work out from home, so why not from the hotel room? Yogi Bare yoga mats are also a great base for any exercise, even HIIT.

“In today’s busy world, people find it harder to wind down, so we at Yogi Bare couldn’t be more humbled to bring accessible yoga to the whole travel community through our work with Global Amenities Direct, highlighting the importance of wellbeing and balance.” Kat Pither, Yogi Bare CEO & Founder