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AudioZone – keep noise down with free wireless TV headphones for all your guests

Noise is among the top reasons for complaints from hotel guests and loud TVs can frequently be the cause.  Wireless TV headsets in all rooms would minimise the problem but equipping each room with personal devices that need to be cleaned and maintained is not generally viable.  Until now.

AudioZone turns each guest’s phone into a wireless TV headphone that they can use in your rooms and bar area as well as in their own home, pubs, airport lounges and other public spaces.  All they need to do is install the free app, plug in their own headsets and select the channel.  If guests did not bring their own earphones, you can sell them some at the front desk.  We can supply these if needed.

Make your guests are aware of the service and at a stroke they can watch late night TV without disturbing the occupants of their room or, much worse, the room next door.  We can supply transparent TV frame stickers that remind guests of the service and we can provide posters or inserts for your room services directory.

The standard AudioZone service, which includes audio from a selection of the most popular UK free to air channels, is available to all UK sites and can be used right now without the installation of any hardware on site.  The list of channels available on the standard service may change from time to time and may not reflect regional channel variations.  Why not give it a try right now to see how easy it is?

For a small monthly fee your hotel can benefit from a tailored channel listing including regional variations of the BBC and ITV and the audio from any of the premium channels that you have subscriptions for.  We will also be able to precisely synchronise the audio and video synchronisation for your hotel.

Contact AudioZone sales on 0207 175 8880 or to obtain promotional materials and for details on becoming a partner venue.