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Global Spa Resources Delivers a One-Stop Solution to Address the Spa and Wellness Industry’s Most Pressing Challenges

The B2B platform launched in September 2020 and supports the global spa and wellness industry with talent recruitment, product procurement, and bespoke project tendering

 Anyone owning or operating a company in the spa and wellness industry is familiar with the many challenges owners and managers must overcome to run a successful business. An exorbitant amount of time is often spent sourcing new suppliers, products, equipment, and resumes to find top-notch talent. But one industry insider is looking to change this trend with a new B2B platform that streamlines time-consuming processes in the spa and wellness industry so management and staff can get back to focusing on what really matters—delivering an exceptional experience to their clients in front of them.

Susan Yardley launched Global Spa Resources in September 2020 to address common challenges she saw in her nearly 20 years in the industry. In Yardley’s experience and that of others she has talked to in the industry, product procurement, vendor identification, and talent recruitment are common issues that weigh heavily on managers’ time. With this in mind, Yardley got to work to create a seamless all-in-one digital solution to help colleagues in the industry overcome these challenges.

With the Global Spa Resources platform, industry professionals can quickly identify quality vendors with the vendor directory featuring some of the top names and most promising up-and-comers in the spa and wellness product sector. Current premier partners include brands such as Lemi Group, Shothys, and Relax VR.

Global Spa Resources also saves hiring managers and industry recruitment consultants’ time by streamlining their talent acquisition with its recruitment division.  Independent recruitment agencies gain access to a database featuring industry talent across more than 70 countries looking for work helping them to quickly identify qualified talent.  While HR personnel benefit from tailored job vacancy solutions allowing hiring managers to target applicants and eliminate under-qualified candidates that can overwhelm their inbox when using traditional job advertising methods. Clients such as Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts have given GSR’s recruitment services high praise as a resource they have been leveraging to get great results in their talent recruitment efforts.

An additional benefit for spa owners and hospitality leaders looking to maximize their time is Global Spa Resources’ project tendering services. This bespoke service puts owners’ and managers’ business-related projects in the hands of industry professionals who can procure products, assist with launches or pre-openings, and even support new industry professionals as they look to open their businesses.  Hotel owners and operators are realizing the significant impact a well designed and professionally run spa & wellness department can have on the guest experience and their bottom line.  The continued growth in wellness tourism and the powerful draw a strong wellness offering can have on attracting high-paying guests has motivated hospitality leaders to enhance, upgrade, and even outsource their facilities to industry specialists.  The services offered by Global Spa Resources allows hospitality leaders to tender out these projects and receive proposals from multiple vendors via a single, specialized source.

“We are pleased to bring Global Spa Resources to industry owners and managers across the globe as a comprehensive solution to some of their most pressing problems,” said Yardley. “Our intuitive platform helps industry professionals gain back their time and alleviate headaches common to running a successful spa and wellness facility. We are proud to support businesses in the industry no matter where they find themselves, from pre-concept to pre-opening to ongoing operations and help them achieve their goals.  It was a daunting prospect launching during a pandemic, but the support we’ve received from the industry and amazing partnerships we’ve secured in the short space of time has been unbelievable.  We’re so very grateful.”

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