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Groupe GM brings customary Japanese welcome to hotels worldwide thanks to new partnership with Oshibori Concept

Groupe GM, the leading international amenities player, has today announced a new partnership with French company Oshibori Concept.

Inspired by the Japanese custom of welcoming guests with a refreshing and scented towel, Oshibori Concept offers a wide range of luxurious single use towels presented like gifts, either rolled or folded inside a sophisticated plastic wrapper.

The uniqueness of each towel lies in Oshibori Concept’s innovative way of customizing hygiene-proof packaging for their cotton and viscose towels, each carefully prepared to guarantee freshness for several months. Moreover, all Oshibori Concept refreshing wet towels are 100% natural, made in France and in compliance with the European cosmetic regulation and the ISO norm 22716.

Thanks to this new partnership, Groupe GM – a world leader in the distribution of toiletries and accessories – is now able to bring the essence of the ancient Japanese art of welcoming to hotels, spas and restaurants worldwide by offering luxurious oshibori towels.

President of Groupe GM, Laurent Marchand, commented: “Oshibori Concept revives an old Japanese tradition in the 21st century’s art of welcoming. The premium quality cotton towels are 100% biodegradable, which is completely in line with our own commitment to the environment. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share this French-made product with our clients.”

Available in 10g or 15g – with a new 6g size to become available in September 2018 – each oshibori towel can be fully personalized, from the packaging to the perfume, while keeping signature individuality and luxury fragrances.

Clients can choose between oshibori’s “neutral” packaging models, in three pre-existing colors: black, white or silver, or have the choice to personalize the sachets with a specific logo or text. The selection of fragrances includes white tea for 15g or green tea for 10g.

Full personalization of the packaging is also an option where clients can choose among three different scents: white tea, green tea or orange blossom.

To complement their offering, Groupe GM also offers high-end hotels throughout Europe, the ultimate luxurious and personalized service thanks to a branded Oshibori line made in collaboration with Codage, a brand renowned for its customized skincare. It is expected that more brands will be added later this year.

Oshibori Concept’s towels are already available in palaces and luxurious independent hotels worldwide via Groupe GM’s international network of distributors.

Several four and five-star hotels such as George V, Plaza Athénée, Bristol, Peninsula, Fauchon, Burgundy, Buddha Bar and Relais & Châteaux have already included Groupe GM and Oshibori Concept’s branded packaging in their indulgent guest amenities.

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