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Macellaio RC launches Osteria Del Macellaio

Image Credit: Zodee Media

The nose to tail dining experience at London’s highly acclaimed Italian restaurant, Macellaio

London’s much loved Italian restaurant, Macellaio RC in Union Street, is rebranding to Osteriadel Macellaio – a restaurant serving wine and simple, yet delicious Italian food from this month. The rebranding of the restaurant will offer a new sustainable menu, using all parts of the cow cooked by the talented Executive Head Chef Lello Favuzzi. The restaurant will relaunch on the 22nd of February and will be offering 50% off food for the first two weeks for the first 24 seats per day.

The new concept will celebrate the artisanal sustainability of Italian and British butchers, in a bid to fight wastage within the hospitality industry. Macellaio Union Street’s menu will offer all parts of the cow that are rarely used, with each cut of the animal cooked in a multitude of different ways featuring dishes with cuts that are not often seen on menus across the nation.

Image Credit: Zodee Media

The new menu will be available at the Union Street restaurant only, a short walk away from Borough Market, and will feature dishes from true Italian traditions. Guests will be able to choose any three dishes at the cost of only £29 per person. Owner and founder of the restaurant group, Roberto Costa, alongside the Executive Head Chef, Lello Favuzzi (previously Mortimer House) have created this new menu for food enthusiasts in the UK to experience a true Italian experience without compromises, offering diners a way of being sustainable at a low and cost-effective price.

Menu highlights include: Arancino Cacio and Pepe; Lard on Toast; Pane and Mortadella; Maccheroni alla Genovese; Lasagna al forno; Minestrone alla Genovese; Spezzatino with Potatoes; Angus Tonnato; Trippa accomodata and Chicken Liver Paté. Desserts to finish the true Italian feast include the classic Tiramisu or Crème Caramel.

Macellaio RC are known for working with farmers who raise their cattle with love and passion in healthy environments and flourishing nature, putting the animal’s sacrifice ahead of speculation – the new menu will showcase this. Sustainability and animal welfare are the highest of the teams’ priorities and this is shown throughout the new menu and suppliers Roberto has chosen. One being the Lake District Farmers – a family run farm founded in 2009 by the late Ray Armstrong to facilitate a quality driven and sustainable supply chain for family run fell farms in The Lake District – known for supplying the highest quality meat across the country.

Roberto Costa, founder of Macellaio RC says;

I wanted to bring London a slice of my eating experiences from my home. Offering a sustainable way of eating with a variety of choice of high-quality meat without any compromise at the most competitive price, and that’s why I’m bringing in the Osteria del Macellaio menu for everyone to enjoy.”