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Making The Right Call

There can be few areas of life where great service doesn’t rely on quality communication, get the timing and the accuracy right and your service will respond accordingly.

Technology is helping to raise the bar for an industry that relies on getting goods and services from the right people, to the right people in a timely fashion.

Take R-LinX Wi-Fi Buttons for example; neat and discreet, these call-buttons enable clear and direct instruction to pass between guests, front-line staff and strategic operations within your establishment, not only efficiently, but effortlessly too.

Easy to install and use, cheap to maintain and offering unlimited options for expanding the service coverage, R-LinX buttons interface immediately with existing wi-fi networks and can be set to communicate with two-way radio and smartphones.

Minimal staff training is required in order to become familiar with the call-button functions and even guests can quickly be shown how to use them to call for additional services, order food and beverages, summons help, or for any other request they may have.

Ideal locations include private dining rooms, boardrooms, VIP guest services, concierge posts and reception desks. The wi-fi buttons come in very useful in those instances where members of staff work alone; on late-night bars, within spa facilities or on the night reception desk for example. Staff can work efficiently on their own knowing that they haven’t missed requests for assistance or orders from guests and with the peace of mind of knowing that they can call up additional resources or liaise with other operations without having to leave their posts.

If the need should arise, the buttons can be used to call for emergency help to an exact location, as each unit is individually identifiable.

R-LinX combines the best of technology to provide clear and simple communication by way of programmable options for a single press, double press and long press, each with pre-coded messages, ideal for calling for attentive and yet discreet service.

The stylish units won’t look out of place in any setting and offer the means to provide a quality service at the touch of a button.

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