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Duanvox Wine Coolers

Elite Wine Refrigeration is the exclusive distributor of Dunavox wine coolers. The fastest developing wine cooler brand in Europe that is distributed throughout 40 countries world wide.

Dunavox have a keen eye for detail and construct their wine coolers to only the highest standards. This has meant they have developed quickly over the past 10-15 years as their reputation for quality, reliability and powerful pre and post sales service has encouraged growth. They now have over a 50% market share in some European countries and offer the largest range of wine coolers in Europe.

All components, bar the compressor, are manufactured in house which means only the highest-grade components are used to construct their units, this is something Dunavox has stuck by during the development of the brand across Europe, Asia and more recently the US. As a wine cooler specialist company, the quality of the units reflects directly on Dunavox, they simply would not be around today if they were not committed to product development and reliability.

Recently, Dunavox have released a full range of handle-less units with Push2Open technology proving they are at the forefront of innovation in the wine cooler industry. Their collection of wine coolers, includes; Integrated wine coolers, undercounter wine coolers and freestanding wine coolers for long term ageing/preservation of wines.

Dunavox are exclusively available at Elite Wine Refrigeration, for any enquiries please contact them directly:
0333 577 6466