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New apprenticeship academy from HIT Training and The Brend Hotels Group

HIT Training and West Country hotel operator The Brend Group have launched a new apprenticeship academy.

The Brend Group, which has eleven luxury hotels in Devon and Cornwall, currently employs 60 apprentices in a range of hospitality roles including front of house, kitchen, bar and waiting staff, administration, housekeeping, concierge and portering. The new Brend Training Academy will be based at the group’s flagship Saunton Sands hotel in Braunton, North Devon, where HIT’s expert trainer assessors will deliver a range of hospitality apprenticeships and provide access to government funding for eligible learners.

“The Brend Hotel Group initiative is blazing a trail in the South West and we’re very pleased to be working with them,” said HIT’s managing director Jill Whittaker. “Well-trained, competent staff are a valuable asset and can help a business perform well by delivering improved efficiency, better customer service and reduced staff turnover.”

Andrew Mosedale, Brend’s HR manager who plays an active role in the government’s Apprenticeship Trailblazer scheme, described the new academy as “a very exciting development for the company”. Although Brend has offered vocational training since 2004 the new academy will increase the scope and impact of apprenticeships available.

“We have spent the last ten years building up expertise and are delighted to be taking the next step forward and introducing our own Academy,” said Mr Mosedale. “We are a family company that values its employees and encourages them to stay long term.

“Apprenticeships are an excellent way of developing and enhancing skill levels and establishing our own academy means we can offer the very best Level 2 and 3 training available in situ. Our aim is to become a beacon of industry excellence in all senses of the term.”