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Northcote Manor and Eccleston Square sign up to Adsertor

Two leading hotels have partnered with a hospitality tech company to introduce a pioneering customer data platform into their businesses.

The multi-award winning Northcote Manor in Lancashire and Eccleston Square in London have both implemented Adsertor into their respective operations.

Adsertor has been developed by ITM Group UK whose board includes CEO Tim Roberts, Jonathan Langston and Chris Eddlestone.

All three were key figures behind the success of the Annual Hotel Conference. Jonathan is a former COO of CBRE Hotels and the co-founder of hotel intelligence company HotStats, while Chris is Global Head of Hospitality and Leisure Services for international law firm Squire Patton Boggs.

ITM Group UK’s Executive Chairman is Richard Cotter, the former CEO of Snow + Rock.

Adsertor is unique in allowing businesses to centralise all their data in one place – including analytics and their CRM system. It allows companies to build a complete picture of their customers and ensure all marketing activity is personalised and measurable.

Tim Roberts said: “Adsertor is having a transformational effect on the way the hospitality sector does business by increasing customer engagement, acquisition and retention.

“We are enabling our clients to gain a much deeper understanding of their data and, as a result of the insights gained, being able to vastly improve customer experience.

Tim Roberts

“This results in higher room rates, greater occupancy levels, the ability to upsell and cross-sell more effectively and the capability to generate demand when needed.

“The clients using Adsertor have seen a dramatic reduction in their dependency on Online Travel Agents because the technology allows them to ramp up the number of direct bookings they can capture and convert.

“Our clients in the sector now have real-time information that allows them to engage with their customers on a very personal level.

“By harnessing all of a company’s data in one place, on a single dashboard, businesses are able to interact quickly and dynamically with existing and prospective customers.

“Adsertor allows clients to reach their customers with content that is totally relevant to their busy lives and to engage with them on a range of digital platforms including email, mobile and social media.”

Richard Cotter

Craig Bancroft, Joint Managing Director of Northcote Group, said: “Adsertor is already having an impact across our business. We now have a much better understanding of our customer data across both the hotel and the pubs. This is enabling us to target our customers with the information most appropriate to them. The increase in bookings and revenues shows that Adsertor is working.”

Olivia Byrne, a director of Eccleston Square, said: “Adsertor has changed the relationship we have with our customers. The system has given us an in-depth understanding of the different groups that stay with us, from people on business trips to those looking for a romantic weekend away. The way we market to our customers and prospective customers is now much more personal and targeted which, in turn, is transforming our conversion rates.”